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Autumn-Like Sceneries Appear in Chongqing's Spring


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

On many roads and streets in Chongqing, the fallen golden-yellow Ficus virens leaves scatter and float around in the breeze, unfolding a beautiful autumn-like image of spring.


Autumn-like views appear in many areas in downtown Chongqing


The golden or yellow fallen leaves are scattering and flying around in the breeze

In many regions of Jiulongpo District, the Ficus virens leaves were “dyed” yellow overnight. It seems that nothing is more charming than these golden-yellow leaves in the sunshine. On the ground, the leaves have already “weaved” layers of beautiful floor mats. The array of colors make for great photos, inspiring many citizens to take it slow on their walks home and to enjoy the unusual scenes of autumn in spring.


The Ficus virens


The golden-yellow leaves

There are many reasons why a Ficus virens might lose its leaves such as sudden fluctuations in temperature or amount of day light. Other relevant research explains that the falling time of Ficus virens leaves relates to the planting time. Their growth rhythm will be disrupted by transplanting, which means the leaves will fall in the planting season. Thus, the falling leaves in spring may also be attributed to the normal metabolism of this plant.


The golden-yellow leaves

Source: Chongqing Broadcast Group


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