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Chongqing-ASEAN Regular Lorry Provides the Customized Service Direct to Home

By XINYI LI|Apr 18,2019

By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

On April 15, loaded with mechanical products and mobile phone accessories, the container trucks of Chongqing-ASEAN Regular Lorry from Chongqing Nanpeng Highway Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) in Chongqing Highway Logistics Base arrived at Hanoi of Vietnam on April 17 through Pingxiang of Guangxi. They saved nearly 15 days compared with sea transportation, and the cost was about one-tenth of that of air transportation.


Chongqing-ASEAN Regular Lorry can provide the customized service direct to home, with more than 20 partners for cooperation

According to Zeng Yi, Director of the Business Operations Department of Chongqing Highway Transportation ASEAN International Logistics Co., Ltd., Chongqing-ASEAN Regular Lorry has now opened 6 routes including the eastern route, the eastern double route, the middle route, the western route, the Asia-Europe route, and the Chongqing-Singapore route.

  • The eastern route (Chongqing — Pingxiang, Guangxi — Hanoi, Vietnam) takes about 45 hours.
  • The eastern double route (Chongqing — Qinzhou Port, Guangxi — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam) takes about 240 hours.
  • The middle route (Chongqing — Mohan, Yunnan — Vientiane, Laos — Bangkok, Thailand) takes about 98 hours.
  • The Asia-Europe route (Duisburg — Tuanjie Village, Chongqing — Nanpeng, Chongqing — Hanoi, Vietnam) takes about 18 days.
  • The western route (Chongqing — Ruili, Yunnan — Yangon, Myanmar) takes about 79 hours.
  • The Chongqing-Singapore route (Chongqing — Pingxiang, Guangxi — Vietnam — Laos — Thailand — Malaysia — Singapore) takes about 7 days.

In addition to the customized service direct to home, Chongqing-ASEAN Regular Lorry takes less time compared with sea transportation and lower costs compared with air transportation.


In addition to the customized service direct to home, Chongqing-ASEAN Regular Lorry is more time-saving and cost-saving

Take the Chongqing — Vietnam route as an example, “The total length from Chongqing to Hanoi is about 1,400 kilometers, and the unit cost of automobile transportation by Chongqing-ASEAN Regular Lorry is about RMB 0.63 per ton kilometer (about one-tenth of that of air transportation) with the one-way time of 45 hours, which is shortened by nearly 15 days compared with sea transportation.” said Zeng Yi.

Chongqing-ASEAN Regular Lorry has now covered trunk networks in countries like Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Singapore, boasting more than 20 domestic and foreign partners for cooperation. With nearly 30 distribution warehouses in Southeast Asia available for customers, its operation line has developed to be “customized” from being “fixed”, so as to offer customers the “door-to-door” service. Thus, it forms the cross-border road transportation network of Chongqing to Southeast Asian countries.

Source: CQCB


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