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CLOUDWALK AI Smart Exhibition Hall Opened to the Public


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

According to Liangjiang New Area, on April 15, the AI smart exhibition hall created by Chongqing Zhongke CLOUDWALK Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as Cloudwalk below), a leading enterprise in the field of artificial intelligence or AI in Chongqing, officially opened to the public. Citizens in Chongqing can make an appointment to experience a series of latest achievements in the field of Big Data Intelligence.


CLOUDWALK officially opened their AI smart exhibition hall to the public and citizens in Chongqing can experience smart products

All the latest technologies in the 1,280-square-meter space

Committed to the R & D of AI, Cloudwalk takes face recognition technology as the stepping-stone to integrate AI technology into traditional industries and becomes a leader in the industrialization of China’s independent AI technology.

The AI smart exhibition hall is located in the No. 11 Building of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area’s Digital Economy Industrial Park · The Internet Park (Phase II). The AI exhibition hall, covering an area of 1,280 square meters, includes several parts, such as the Lobby, Cloudwalk Street, the City Brain and the Hall of Sharing.


Cloudwalk becomes the leader in the industrialization of China’s independent AI technology

Among them, Cloudwalk Street covers multiple application sectors such as finance, airport, education, and commerce, and presents the deep integration of AI technology with important industries like finance, transportation, retail, and commerce, as well as the development of AI industry in Liangjiang New Area.

“Smart Brain” provides services to airports and financing institutions

The “Smart Brain” system is applicable to different scenarios, such as airports and financial institutions.

Passengers can experience the face-scanning check-in service at the airport smart brain exhibition hall. In other words, through face recognition technology, the “Smart Brain” system verifies the ID card and the passenger at the departure gate of the airport. Afterward, the passenger can query departure flight information through face recognition and check in without showing the boarding check (paper or electronic QR code).

At present, airports in Chongqing, Yinchuan, Guangzhou, and other cities have partially applied the Cloudwalk “Smart Brain” system.

In the financial brain exhibition area, Cloudwalk showcases “AI+ finance” solutions in the smart bank, smart risk control, and other aspects. Through the technologies like intellisense, augmented reality, and aggregation payment, the financial brain can realize such functions as greeting VIP guests, face-scanning payment, virtual reality bank, AI websites, and smart financial assistant, and help financial institutions to provide more convenient services.

AI facilitates the building of Smart Campuses

In the smart education exhibition area, Cloudwalk, together with colleges and universities, applies AI technology to campuses, so as to improve teaching efficiency, cultivate “AI+X” integrated talents, and provide smart education solutions in the aspects of smart campus, learning management, smart education, AI talent training and AI practical training.

At present, such universities as Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunication and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics have applied Cloudwalk smart education solutions. Meanwhile, Cloudwalk has carried out industry-university cooperation with the above-mentioned universities and the University of Warwick of the UK.

Source: Chongqing Daily News


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