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China's First Heart Pavilion Will Settle Down in Wulong

By XINYI LI|Apr 29,2019

By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

On April 26, the press conference for the first Wulong Lanba Art Festival kicked off in Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (abbreviated as SFAI below).

The Heart Pavilion Wulong, the work of Christian Boltanski (a well-known French artist born in 1944), held the spotlight during the festival. Lanba of Wulong will become the permanent site of the first heart-themed pavilion in China that collects the recorded heartbeats of visitors on site. Visitors can enter the "Heart Chamber" where they can listen to their heartbeats 10 times louder, an effect meant to give people a feeling of what it might be like inside a live beating heart.


The design sketch of Heart Pavilion in Wulong

The third day of August will see this festival in Lanba  Tourist Attraction, Wulong County, Chongqing. According to SFAI, this festival consists of three parts, “Come from the Mountains”, “Voice of the Earth” and “Symbiosis among Villages”.  During this festival, the sponsor will invite artists worldwide to Wulong. Based on the local characteristics, all of the artists will employ the native materials to create professional artistic works with a simple explanation, prioritizing the local relevance, public participation, and interaction.


The design sketch of Heart Pavilion in Wulong

About 40 artists are implementing their works, including Christian Boltanski and Gilles Stassart from France, Thomas Dambo from Denmark, Akinori Matsumoto and Yusuke Asai from Japan, and Luo Zhongli, Pang Maokun, Zhan Wang, Fu Zhongwang, Xiang Jing, Jing Yumin, Chen Wenling, Gao Xiaowu, Yu Fan, Tang Yong, Tian He, Liu Qing, and Huang Yulong from China.

Source: Chongqing Evening News


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