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Special: A Philippine Mum's Joys and Tears in Chongqing


By Rui Hu, Video by Deng Zhang, iChongqing News

Chongqing– “What will you do when you see mum crying?” “kiss!” Kara, a Philippine mum living in Chongqing with her family for ten years, chats with her two children. On the mother’s day, Kara shares her story of being a working foreign mum in Chongqing, her tears and joys on how to balance her career with family, and how to work through all the difficulties.

Challenge: being a mom is never too simple

Kara gave the birth of Kasia in 2009 when there is 5.12 earthquake happen in Wenchuan, a place close to Chongqing. “we are in the panic and we live on the playground in one school in Beibei” Kara said. Kara and Kasia experienced a tough challenge during that time, Kasia got sick seriously and got the wrong treatment, “I felt like I am losing her”, Kara indicated, “but after that, we got help from one of our friends, Kasia received better care in a downtown hospital. After 8-day treatment in the hospital, she was good then,” Kara talked about the challenge of being a foreign mom in Chongqing.

Kara (right) and her children Miggy (left) and Kasia (middle)

Kara (right) and her children Miggy (left) and Kasia (middle)

Besides health concerns, Kara has other challenges of being a working mom, but she is enjoying her life in Chongqing now. “We started to love this city after we came back from Singapore”, according to Kara, when Kasia was 2 years old, she brought her back to Chongqing to keep the company of her husband. “I used to grow up in a broken family, I need to find my shelter, I don’t wanna my children are like me.” Therefore, Kara chose to accept a job offer in Chongqing and started working as an English teacher.

Kara`s family

Kara`s family.

How much do you love her?

When asking about what if a bad guy wants to hurt your mom, what will you do? Miggy and Kasia told us: I will defend her!

When asking about what if mom is crying, Miggy and Kasia told us, they would kiss and hug their mom.

find more in the video to witness the sweet moments and happy mother`s day.


Kara with Miggy and Kasia on trip

Kara with Miggy and Kasia on trip.



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