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China's First Unmanned Education Supermarket Opened in Chongqing


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

With the fast development of science and technology, unmanned supermarket, unmanned banks, autonomous driving, and other cool techs are gradually known to all, making people’s daily life convenient and efficient. Have you ever heard of unmanned education? Recently, people are talking about or visiting an unmanned education supermarket opened on Guanyinqiao Pedestrian Street.


China’s first unmanned education supermarket opened in Chongqing

This supermarket is based on Taokeke, a local education information platform of Chongqing. Chen Qiuyu, Chief Marketing Officer of Taokeke, said that it is a platform focusing on exhibiting comprehensive education-related information and an integrated education tool bank. The unmanned education supermarket will display the related information of all the educational institutions on Taokeke via electronic equipment and multimedia channels. Then, it will help parents know about this platform and the information about various educational institutions.


The overall look of the supermarket

2019 Chongqing Children Development Expo, sponsored by Chongqing City Media Group and to be held in May, will be a grand event of this city in the near future.

Chen Qiuyu said, “The education market in Chongqing has large scale, fast development, and clear market positioning segmentation.” This Expo will provide new opportunities to the educational institutions and the industries about children’s development in Chongqing to communicate and cooperate. The participants will build the brand, improve the quality, and create a gathering platform of children-related industries in a better way, thus boosting the fast advance of the children’s consumer market.


Details inside of the supermarket

Source: CQCB


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