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Chongqing Travel Guide: The Detached Guanyue Temple


By Xiao Wu, video by Xingchen Yue, iChongqing.

Chongqing – The mountain metropolis can always surprise you with unexpected beauties. The detached Guanyue Temple in Chongqing among the woods recently has been quite hot online. Pictures and videos of the temple shared by popular photographers have gone viral on the internet. We were also attracted by these beautiful images and decided to take a closer look into the temple. Hopefully, we could bring you more charming details about it.

While we were walking down the footpath along the green mountain in Yuzhong Peninsula, the tile rooftop of the temple complex among the green caught our attention from afar. As we were getting closer, the strictly symmetrical architectures stood there, quiet and detached. The temple holds strong peaceful energy.  Stepping on the aged stone stairs and hearing the ring of the bell, we felt calm and have to say that it is a great place for meditating. Through the exquisite patterns on the window and the wall, the tall furnace standing in the front gate, as well as the large Taiichi image in the middle of the ground, we can tell this is a Daoist temple.

As Daoism worships nature, it believes that man’s power is limited while nature’s power is infinite. So, it’s not surprising to see the 400-year-old temple hide in the mountain and integrate itself into nature in its own way.  

Address: No.2, Liziba Street 170, Yuzhong Peninsula, Chongqing city.



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