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Jiefangbei: A Perfect Integration of New and Old Chongqing


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street is the cradle and core of 3,000-year-old Chongqing. After reconstruction in 1997, it became the city’s first commercial pedestrian street.

With the help of the opportunity brought by the Ministry of Commerce, which approved transformation and upgrading trial of 11 pedestrian streets, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street reflects the international, modern and high-end development of Chongqing. Therefore, it successfully weaves the past and the present together. During the Spring Festival of 2019, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street welcomed 0.55 million tourists per day on average, with the highest number topping 0.6 million, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in China.


Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street is the cradle and core of the city, which is the perfect integration of old and new Chongqing

Improve Cultural Attraction

In response to the requirements on improving cultural attraction from the Ministry of Commerce, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street transformed and upgraded over 20 special streets, lanes and historical sites within the CBD, while preserving the original structure of the central area.


It is an attractive place for tourists to enjoy the night time there

As a matter of fact, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street puts numerous resources in cultural relics protection, culture exploration, historical sites renovation, and surrounding environment improvement, in order to discover local cultures.

Improve Business Quality

As the Ministry of Commerce demanded to improve business quality, Chongqing has upgraded business carriers on and around the Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street from three main aspects.


Following the demanded of the Ministry of Commerce, Chongqing will improve and upgrade business quality there

First of all, it accelerates the development of high-end carriers like Xinhua Fashion and Chongqing Tall Tower, to build landmark projects reflecting high-quality growth of the city. Meanwhile, it has introduced operation institutions highly-recognized at home and abroad, to speed up the revitalization of old properties like Chongqing International Trade Center. For instance, emerging business models such as parent-child activities and customized consumption are going to be added to them. Moreover, it actively attracts flagship stores, concept stores, stores with products of varied categories and brands with hundreds of millions of sales yearly to the central area. Besides, it optimized a batch of flagship stores of time-honored brands and agricultural local products.

Business transformation projects including One Mall, which cover over 100,000 square meters, are expected to be put into operation this year. In other words, business models of Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street will witness another round of optimization and upgrading.

Additionally, Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street takes the lead in Chongqing to develop Smart Street upgrading. For instance, it has already launched 5G Demonstration CBD construction, building projects like Jiefangbei VR experience and Yangtze River Cableway 360° tourism experience. 5G base stations are supposed to be completed in May when tourists are able to experience 5G application scenarios first at Jiefangbei Pedestrian Street.

Source: Chongqing Commerce Commission

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