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CISDI, the Steel Industry Giant At the Frontier of Big Data Intelligence


By Xiao Wu, iChongqing news.

Chongqing – “Nowadays, our steelworkers work in the centralized control center 5 kilometers away from the producing factory with a cup of coffee in hand. Big data Intelligence has fundamentally changed the production mode. ” Said Mr. Xiao Xuewen, the Chairman of the Board of CISDI Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as CISDI), during his meeting with the press at the CISDI office building on May 23.

Headquartered in Chongqing, CISDI has opened more than 20 subsidiaries and branches across the globe, with beyond 4,000 staff. Through a wide range of project references and presence in global cooperation, CISDI has become an influential brand in the world steel industry. Thanks to its multi-disciplinary integration competence, CISDI boasts full-process systematic strength in steel and full-industrial-chain service capability in urban construction operations management. It’s a preferred full life-cycle engineering service provider. Driven by innovation and initiated by client’s needs, CISDI has composed a synergetic business system, led by consulting, with steel and urban construction at the core, and supported by the equipment manufacturer, energy conservation and environmental protection and IT and smart applications.

In recent years, driven by innovation, CISDI achieves the combination of the new development concept, the demand for high-quality development, big data, intelligence, and industrial Internet. It builds up a big data intelligence system which covers information platform, intelligent methods and products, big data and cloud computing, automation, and digital design. It also serves the industrial upgrading by providing brand new products, services, and system solutions. CISDI is bringing its intelligent and information technology not only to steel businesses but also to those in the urban and agricultural sectors. It empowers manufacturing, urban construction, and rural revitalization. It changes the traditional mode of engineering and technical services and formats and promotes the effective conversion of new and old kinetic energy.

Through consistent investment in Research and Development, with the application of cutting-edge technologies including cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, mobile internet, artificial intelligence, VR/AR/MR, CISDI independently develops a batch of big data intelligent products which integrate into the real industrial economy in depth. Based on the sixty-year accumulation of knowledge in the real industry domain, CISDI applies 5G technology in the intelligent industry to greatly improve the efficiency of intelligent industry and empower Chongqing’s intelligent development.

Big data operation system

Big data operating system. Photo by Xingchen Yue.

In the area of digitalization, CISDI is increasing its investment in Chongqing. It cooperates with Liangjiang New Area, Huawei and Tsinghua Unigroup to build industrial cloud and digital infrastructure in line with national strategic security requirements. It provides a strategic security guarantee for national agriculture, industry and urban data and builds the data highland in the western region. Meanwhile, different from Internet enterprises in consumption field and traditional digital infrastructure enterprises, CISDI pays more attention to promoting the real industrial transformation and upgrading. It will give full play to its strong capacity to serve the real industry and utilizes the advantage of its market platform. CISDI provides SaaS intelligent application service which integrates deeply into real industrial economy involving city, industry, and agriculture. It carries out new infrastructure investment, construction, and operation on the fields including 5G and IoT. Through the construction of the digital economy industry, it drives the innovation of real industry and promotes optimization and upgrading of regional industrial structure and the development of related services. The construction of CISDI industrial cloud will incubate, cultivate and drive a large number of medium, small and micro enterprises in the field of the digital economy to develop big data services and intelligent application services. Through the value system construction of the whole industry and the industrialization of the digital economy driven by big data, the new growth pole of the rapid economic development in Chongqing will be formed.

The staff was the intelligent production

The staff operated the intelligent production management platform. Photo by Xingchen Yue.

In the area of intelligent products and applications, CISDI has created an intelligent work platform with strong open connectivity – Nudge+ and Nudge+ conference screen box and other smart and sensory devices, which are helping thousands of enterprises to enter the intelligent era. CISDI has developed Q-Touch intelligent supervision platform, serving the natural resources and planning, housing and urban-rural Construction Committee, fire protection and security, transportation systems as well as other fields in Chongqing.

In 2018, under the guidance of City Fire Rescue Corps, CISDI combined Q – TOUCH platform to build the key target fire protection and security system Xingdun. The system, based on spatial geographic information and the IoT devices, integrates the new generation of information technology such as 5G, BIM, AR. It achieves the live display, real-time command and efficient coordination of the space, vehicles, equipment, personnel, department., etc. in the actual scenario. Through big data, AI and other advanced technologies, it realizes the prevention, alarm and accurate control of the fire risk, which eliminate the potential fire danger. The system helps to build the firewall in the city’s key target places. It is expected to be put into use in 2019 Smart China Expo.

The display of Q-Touch intelligent supervision platform.

The display of Q-Touch intelligent supervision platform.

In the area of artificial intelligence, CISDI built a big data analysis platform – Segma Big Data Platform to support the digital factory and internet factory. It cooperates with AInnovation to set up a joint venture –  CISAI Tech.Co., Ltd in High-tech Zone of Chongqing, which aims to push forward the application of artificial intelligence in the industry, and actively promote the application of relevant solutions and technical products to the transformation and upgrading of Chongqing’s manufacturing industry.

“Any new steel base which requires a complete system in the world will come to seek assistance from CISDI. ” Said Mr. Xiao confidently. He also shared the reasons behind CISDI’s outstanding performance. In the past 20 years as China’s steel industry has enjoyed great development, CISDI has also fully devoted to the trend. The unstopped exploration and practice in the industry have laid a solid foundation for its development.  CISDI has always adjusted itself to the market demands, investing heavily on Research and Development as well as carrying out market-driven reform and upgrading.  As a complete system solution provider, CISDI emphasizes on providing cost competitive services and products.


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