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Internet + Government Services of Chongqing Will Achieve 10 Goals in 2019


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

Chongqing Internet + Government Services Teleconference was held on May 23. In 2019, the city is expected to continuously streamline administration and delegate powers while striving for 10 goals. These include government affairs online-approval, new engineering construction projects approval and real estate registration time-shortening. With such efforts, the government aims to serve enterprises and the public better.


Internet + Government Services of Chongqing will achieve 10 goals in 2019, providing a faster and better service to citizens

In 2019, Chongqing will keep optimizing and upgrading Yukuaiban, the mobile government service platform, improving its functions, innovating service offering and perfecting service modes.

  1. The online application covers over 90% of municipal-level and 70% of the district- and county-level government affairs;
  2. One-step service covers over 80% of government affairs;
  3. The time is shortened to three word days for the completion of real estate registration and two work days for mortgage registration. Mortgage deregistration, seizure, and seizure removal registration, objection, and objection removal registration can be completed immediately;
  4. Engineering construction projects approval can be completed within 80 work days. Meanwhile, General social investment projects approval can be completed within 50 work days. Besides this, the processing time for public utilities, such as electricity, water, and gas, is shortened by 50% on average;
  5. Promote the reform of Internet + Supervision, achieving 100% completion of industrial supervision items clarification, 100% collection of supervision information, 100% process of complaints and reports and 100% response to call for collaborative supervision;
  6. Comprehensively promote separation of approval processes of 106 business licenses and business certificates, while developing reform trial in China (Chongqing) Pilot Free Trade Zone (CFTZ);
  7. Decrease required materials for enterprises and the public by over 30% and decrease the promised process duration of administrative approval to half of the specified one on average;
  8. Achieve to handle procedures once for over 100 frequently-asked items, and achieve online approval for 50 frequently-asked items;
  9. Establish Open Policy to facilitate enterprises and the public, providing policy consultation services precisely for over 2.5 million market entities of Chongqing;
  10. Develop Yukuaiban (fast completion in Chongqing) into the center of online government services of Chongqing, striving to attract 10 million users, achieve over 3 million daily visits and launch more than 800 items.

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Source: Chongqing Daily News


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