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Blueberries of Chongqing Get Ripe! Popular Picking Destinations in Chongqing's Main Urban Regions


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

You may miss the cherry, mulberry, loquat, strawberry in spring. However, as the weather is becoming scorching hot, lots of blueberries are getting ripe in Chongqing. It is not so hot currently, so let’s take the chance to pick the blueberries in the suburbs of Chongqing.

There are many blueberry planting bases in Chongqing, and the following paragraphs will recommend the well-selected ones, where you can not only pick this fruit but also have fun in their neighboring scenic spots.

Gumao Blueberry Valley in Zhongliang Town, Shapingba District

At present, the blueberries of about 47,000 plants, covering 0.26 square kilometers in the planting base, have begun to mature. There are 12 varieties, including O’Neill, Black Pearl, Brigita, and others. At the Valley, just help yourself to tuck in the fresh blueberries and enjoy the picking process.


Blueberries at Gumao Blueberry Valley in Zhongliang Town, Shapingba District

Picking time: Mid May to Early July

Traffic route: Downtown—Gele Mountain—Zhongliang Town—Xinfa Village—Gumao Blueberry Valley

Enjoyable sites nearby

This planting base neighbors Geleshan International Cittaslow Town, where there are plenty of amusement facilities. You are also recommended to go fishing and enjoy the farm dishes at the Lotus Manor.

Besides, Sangti Blueberry Camping Garden at Shapingba District, another blueberry planting base, is located nearby, which is a DIY-focused park themed on rural tourism. Visitors can try ceramics, mold clay, glaze or color the artworks, and fire potteries at Banpo Manual Workshop.

Dalai Mountain Blueberry Garden in An’lan Town, Banan District

Dalai Mountain, with lush forests at its back, has fresh air and landscape environment. Planted at the original ecological area free from pollution, the blueberries boast extraordinary quality, natural-formed colors, and delightful taste.


Blueberries at Dalai Mountain Blueberry Garden in An’lan Town, Banan District

Moreover, there is a sea of flowers in full blossom, with a children’s amusement park and the facilities for fishing, vegetable planting, horse riding, hammock, and camping.

Picking time: Late May

Traffic route: Downtown—Outer Ring Expressway—Yipin Exit—An’lan Town—Dingshan Village

Enjoyable sites nearby

The Treehouse of Dalai Mountain, which is popular online, is built in the mysterious forests nearby, and you can also enjoy the delicacies at Yuejiaobang, an agritainment of high-cost performance. Moreover, you can also visit Shengdeng Mountain, the so-called Little Mount Emei in Eastern Sichuan to embrace nature.

Qicai Manor in Mu’er Town, Yubei District

It is a brand new amusement garden compared with others in Chongqing, known to few people. Thus you don’t need to elbow your way through the crowds while visiting even at weekends.


Blueberries at Qicai Manor in Mu’er Town, Yubei District

Moreover, many flowers in the Qicai Manor and hundreds of peacocks are only parts of the dazzling picture of this scenic spot.

Picking time: Mid and Late May

Traffic route: Downtown—Lingang Avenue—Taoyuan Avenue—G210—Qicai Manor

Enjoyable sites nearby

Zhoujiashan Bridge, locally known as the “Niubei Mountain of Chongqing”, is stretched near the site. In addition, a stroll along the colorful walk path in Sanbanxi Park will bring you the special sceneries of Western Sichuan.

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