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With Dragon Boat Festival Approaching, Enjoy Dragon Boat Race in Chongqing


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

It a few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, so what is your plan? Do you find it difficult again to decide what to do? Instead of struggling with a traveling plan, going to experience the festival of custom dragon boat racers may be a better choice.

To watch the fast and furious boat races on rivers is both boisterous and fun. Also, the dragon boat race is normally held on rivers or lakes with beautiful views, so it is an excellent chance to enjoy the summer landscapes all at once.

Fujiang Fenghuang City Waters, Hechuan

The Finals of the 2019 Chongqing Dragon Boat Open and the Dragon Boat Race of the Ninth National Fitness Games in Chongqing will kick off on the morning of June 4 in Fujiang Fenghuang City Waters of Hechuan. Hechuan Dragon Boat Races enjoy a long history and have been included in the second list of intangible cultural heritage for Chongqing. Thirteen teams will gather in Hechuan for a fierce competition.


The dragon boat race at Fujiang Fenghuang City Waters in Hechuan

There will be duck grabbing performances during the competition. You can also enjoy the beauty and delicacies in Hechuan, the elegance of the three rivers, and the unique charm of the ancient district during the games.

Time: June 4 (this Tuesday)

By car: Urban area — G75 Chongqing-Wuhan Highway — take the exit in Hechuan — Fenghuang City Waters

Bus: Take the bullet train to Hechuan at Chongqing Bei (North) Railway Station or Chongqing Xi (West) Railway Station, and then take the bus to Fenghuang City

Hanfeng Lake, Kaizhou

The Hanfeng Dragon Boat, Happy Kaizhou themed 2019 China Kaizhou · Hanfeng Lake Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament will be held on June 5 and 6 from Longwang Temple around Hanfeng Lake to Gujin Square in the south of the city. Fourteen teams from Kaizhou, Wanzhou, Yunyang, Changshou, Zhongxian, Fengjie, Wushan, Hechuan, Tongnan, and Xuan’en (Hubei) are expected to compete on Hanfeng Lake like dragons.


The Hanfeng Lake in Kaizhou

In addition, visitors may travel around the natural and cultural scenic spots such as the unique Binhu Wetland of Hanfeng Lake, Fengyu Gallery Bridge, and Kaizhou Scholars’ Park.

Time: June 5 (this Wednesday)

By car: Urban area — Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway — Enshi-Guangyuan Expressway — S202 — Hanfeng Lake

Bus: Take the bus to Kaizhou at Longtousi Station, and then take another bus to Hanfeng Lake

Hailan Lake, Jiulongpo

Hailan Lake is the place closest to the urban area to watch a dragon boat race. It is only 40 minutes’ drive to downtown, which is very convenient.

The Dragon Boat Festival this year is scheduled to be held on the morning of June 6. Nothing comes better than watching the exciting race on the emerald bank of Hailan Lake, enjoying the scenery, rowing a dragon boat and catching ducks.


The dragon boat race at Hailan Lake in Jiulongpo

Hailan Lake is also a good place for boating, surfing, and hot springs during holidays.

Time: June 6 (this Thursday)

By car: Urban area — Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway — take the Baishiyi Exit — Jinfeng Town — Hailan Lake

Bus: Take Bus No. 281/282/283/285/286/287 to Baishiyi Longfeng Station, and then take the minibus to Hailan Yuntian

Hong’ an Ancient Town, Xiushan

On June 6, The Ninth Hunan-Chongqing-Guizhou Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament for National Great Unity will kick off with the theme of Border Town ž China. Jointly held by Xiushan of Chongqing, Huayuan of Hunan and Songtao of Guizhou, the invitational tournament will be carried out in Hong’an Ancient Town. The finals are expected on June 7.


The Hong’ an Ancient Town in Xiushan

At the Dragon Boat Festival each year, Tujia and Miao people, of all ages and both sexes, will gather in Hong’an Ancient Town for the race. It will be a great pleasure to enjoy with friends!

The Border Town is modeled on Hong’an town in which stand plenty of old buildings. The Tujia and Miao minority villages are built in a particular style, and the river is picturesque with its blue waves, which is well worth a visit.

Time: June 6 (this Thursday)

By car: Urban area — Inner Ring Expressway — Baotou-Maoming Expressway — Xiushan – Hong’ an Ancient Town

Source: Chongqing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development


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