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President of the Communist Party of Spain: Chongqing Has Prepared to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities in the BRI

By XIAO WU|Jun 06,2019

By Xiao Wu, video by Deng Zhang, iChongqing news.

Chongqing - "Chongqing is a modern and dynamic city. I can see it has prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities in the Belt and Road Initiative." Commented, Jose Luis Centella, President of the Communist Party of Spain, during the press conference of the Belt and Road Forum for Interconnected Land – Sea Development.

On June 3,  Mr. Centella took the interview with the press to share his opinion on the cooperation prospects between Chongqing and Spain under the Belt and Road Initiative while he was attending the Belt and Road Forum for Interconnected Land – Sea Development in Chongqing.

Mr. Centella started by emphasizing the importance of the Belt and Road Initiative. He said firmly, "The Belt and Road Initiative is the future for mankind. It is a new system to promote relationships among people. Everyone in the system is winning."

According to Mr. Centella, the participation in the Belt and Road Forum for Interconnected Land – Sea Development here in Chongqing was very important for them. He told the press that the Spain delegation attended the forum to enhance its involvement in the Belt and Road Initiative. "We come here with practical ideas and projects to share with our partners," he said.

"We have a railway between Chongqing and Spain, which takes around 15 days for cargo to travel. Spain and Latin America are culturally and economically bound. As Chongqing establishes connectivity with Spain, it also reaches Latin America." Mr. Centella said positively on the connectivity between Chongqing and Spain.

Mr. Centella also called for comprehensive connectivity among the countries along the Belt and Road.  He encouraged increased cooperation on the maritime silk road. "We need to make our communication and cooperation on maritime more convenient and effective," he said. 


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