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One Flight Each Day: Chongqing-Singapore Airline to Resume Since June 28


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

According to Chongqing Airlines, the Chongqing-Singapore route will resume starting June 28, and the price for round trip air ticket is an eye-popping RMB 610 (tax excluded) in the initial period.

One round-trip flight is available every day. The Singapore-destined plane will depart at 8:20 and arrive at 13:25 and the Chongqing-destined one will leave at 14:35 and arrive at 20:05, taking about five hours for each.

At the mention of Singapore, people naturally picture its clean and tidy streets, premium public security, sincere and straightforward people, and beautiful landscapes. Besides that, it is also a place integrating colorful Asian cultures, which are in harmonious co-existence.

Nevertheless, visitors need to notice that the visa application should follow the division of the consular district. Specifically, citizens of Chongqing, Sichuan, Shaanxi, and Hubei need to submit the materials for the visa at Singapore Consulate in Chengdu, which would not accept any personal submission. Thus applicants need to entrust a local travel agency to handle the process. The so-called “local” means, Chongqing citizens must entrust the agencies in Chongqing, and those from Chengdu will be rejected. Given that, visitors are advised not to buy any air ticket or book any hotel before the visa application is accepted.

Source: Chongqing Morning News

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