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Fall in Love with Chongqing at First Sight


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

There is a city with many nicknames: Mountain City, the City of Bridges and Fog City, celebrating its splendor. Various delicacies pervade here, but it is known globally for the spiciest hotpot. Many poems pay tribute to the city. Li Bai wrote: “I left Qingxi at night for the Three Gorges and finally arrived in Chongqing, without seeing you despite my yearning.” Bai Juyi wrote: “At dusk, rain pours down on Wushan Mountain, wetting petals; west wind wrinkles the surface of Longshui River in spring.” Wang Changling wrote: “A boat is berthed at the mouth of Wuling Stream, and the water sends you away towards the north.”

The city is Chongqing.


Chongqing is a city makes people fall in love with it at first sight, which is a famous historical and cultural city in China

Chongqing is known as a National Famous Historical and Cultural City, the cradle of Bayu culture, the only municipality in Western China, National Central City, 8D Magic City, and Cyberpunk City. However, it is way more than that.


People’s Liberation Monument (Jiefangbei), guarding citizens’ spiritual home, is to commemorate the victory over the Japanese in WWII. It is now encircled by several skyscrapers and welcomes the flood of tourists

The beauty of Chongqing comes from its uniqueness and multiple faces.

Jinyun Mountains, Zhongliang Mountains, Tongluo Mountains, and Mingyue Mountains are bones, and the Yangtze River and the Jialing River are veins of the city.


A kind of transportation in Chongqing – Yangtze River Cableway

An ideal city will lead its people towards what they long for. Chongqing vibrantly grows with each passing day, creating the best time ever for people to live. When night falls, winding rivers, towering mountains and the buildings dotted along the hillsides turn the city into a sparkling star field. With a bird’s eye view, Nan’an District is interspersed with urban traffic lines flowing between layered buildings, which shine with a myriad of lights.


Nanbin Road to Chongqing is what the Bund to Shanghai

Chongqing enjoys a humid subtropical monsoon climate. With an altitude of 168-400 meters, the main urban area receives abundant rainfall each year. The city is shrouded in mist brought by the surrounding two rivers, which troubles photographers, but positively, rain and fog veil the city in autumn and winter, presenting a gorgeous view for people.


Yikeshu Viewing Platform in Nanshan Mountain

Despite the numerous attractions in this nationwide famous city, CRT Liziba Station becomes a rising star. CRT Line 2 is the first, and maybe the most beautiful and particular CRT line in Chongqing.

Global cities share many similarities, but very few areas are as stereoscopic as Chongqing. Roads and bridges blend in mountains and rivers, composing a flowing piece of music.


The night skyline of Yuzhong Peninsula

Creative city planners developed fantastic solutions to address difficulties caused by hilly terrain. Recently, Chongqing commanded praise in an extensive Weibo poll by Netizens as the most cyberpunk city in China. Its co-existing three-dimensional landscape, civic design, and futuristic design continue to inspire photographers.

Source: Chinese National Geography


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