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A Guide for Travel in the Sea of Flowers


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

Different from flowers in spring, the seas of flowers in summer have unique postures, dyeing the city in a scintillating pattern.

Jiulongpo – Canna indica in full blossom

The Canna indica is gradually flourishing on the 5,000 square meters of fields at Caiyunhu Park and Minkang Park in Jiulongpo District. Swaying leisurely in the fascinating flower sea, the cannas, in golden-yellow, fire-red, and rosy colors, never fail to appeal to people with their gracefully slender appearances, succulent leaves, and pretty flowers.


Canna at parks in Jiulongpo District

Canna indica is the renascent herb in Zingiberales order and Canna family. It can grow to 1.5 meters tall, and the whole branches are green with no hair but covered by waxy white powder (which is glaucous). Principal varieties include red petals, yellow petals, and double-color petals. The plant carries the meaning of “a bright future,” and the flowering and fruiting phases are from March to December.

Address of Caiyunhu Park: Hanfenghu Wetland Science Popularization Center in Kaizhou District, Chongqing

Ticket: Free of charge

Traffic route: Take No.117, No.466, No.807 Buses or Chongqing BRT to Caiyun Lake (Caiyunhu Station).

Kaizhou – New fresh lotuses bursting into blossom

During these days, the lotuses in Hanfenghu National Wetland Park are coming out gradually, forming a breath-taking picture together with the glittering water and pleasant fragrance. Visitors are flooding toward the scenic resort for checking in.


The Hanfeng Lake

In this park, the vast-stretching are coming out one after another. They are in delightful contrast with the surrounding green leaves.

Getting closer, you will find the different lovely looks of the pond of lotuses: Some are like beauties just out of the bath, while some are in shy buds. When a breeze stirs, the freshly-flourished flowers swaying with the water are more than pretty.

When it gets darker, the visitors bathing in gentle breezes can enjoy the lotus-decorated pond under the background of the well-illuminated night scene of the city. What a blissful experience it will be!


Lotuses at Hanfeng Lake

Hanfenghu National Wetland Park is a part of the comprehensive wetland eco-system integrated with the reservoir wetland, river wetland, and island wetland. The widely stretching lotuses are not only purifiers for the water, but also the embellishments to the environment, adding to the charm of Hanfeng Lake.

Address of Hanfeng Lake: Junction between Jiulongpo District and Chongqing Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone

Ticket: free of charge

Traffic route: Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway – Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway

Banan – The sulfur cosmos are blooming for you

This June has turned the Yunlintianxiang Scenic Area into a world of sulfur cosmos. All over the broad fields, layers of petals and branches meet the eyes. As you stroll in, the sea of brilliant orange flowers will leap into the eyes. As they are gradually in full blossom, you may even feel the breath of every flower.


Tianping Mountain in Banan District

When you are wandering in the flower sea, what accompanies you will be the nature-endowed beauty. Thus it will be a pity if you fail to take this chance to enjoy the flowers.

Sulfur cosmos is an annual herb in Asterales order and Asteraceae family, originally from Mexico. It features opposite, bi-pinnate and partite leaves in lanceolate shape. The flower language is “wild beauty” for its widely stretching and robust branches.


The sulfur cosmos in Banan District

The flowers are in amazing beauty under the blue sky, so take the chance and come enjoy!

Address of Yunlintianxiang Scenic Area on Tianping Mountain of Banan District: Yunlintianxiang Scenic Area, Tianping Mountain, Er’sheng Town, Banan District, Chongqing

Ticket: RMB 25

Opening hours: 10:00 – 17:00

Transportation for driving:

1. Expressway along the Yangtze River – Mudong (toll station) and Mulong Road – Pusatan Station – Yunlintianxiang Scenic Area on Tianping Mountain

2. Chongqing Inner Ring Expressway – Chayuan Station – Changsheng Station – Huimin (toll station) – Er’sheng – Inner Ring Expressway of Yunlintianxiang Scenic Area on Tianping Mountain –  Sigongli Station – Nanshan Tunnel – Yinglong – Huimin – Er’sheng – Yunlintianxiang Scenic Area on Tianping Mountain

3. Ring Expressway – Huimin (toll station) – Er’sheng – Liyuan Management Center

Transportation for bus-taking:

1. Take the non-stop bus from Sigongli Bus Hub Station to Galsang Flower Sea of Tianping Mountain, and the bus departs hourly.

2. Take the shuttle bus from Nanping to Tianping at Nanping Coach Station, and it departs respectively at 9:30 and 15:30 each day. It will take about two hours to reach the destination.

3. Take the shuttle bus from Nanping to Dongquan at Nanping Bus Station, and it departs every ten minutes from 6:00 to 18:30. It will take about 70 minutes to reach the destination. In Er’sheng, you can take the minibus to Liyuan Base, and it will take about 15 minutes.

4. Take the shuttle bus from Yudong Coach Station (opposite to the Fire Brigade) to Jiangjia or Tianci, and the bus will depart once per hour. It will take about 70 minutes to the destination. In Er’sheng, you can take the minibus to Liyuan Base, and it will take about 15 minutes.

Source: CQCB


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