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School of Artificial Intelligence Works with Enterprises to Foster AI Talent


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

Representatives from government and enterprises and professors from universities gathered to empower artificial intelligence (AI). School of Artificial Intelligence of (School of AI) Chongqing University of Technology (CQUT) held Government-Enterprise-University-Research Institute Collaboration Session on June 10, and signed agreements with dozens of big data and AI enterprises. Availing itself of the cooperation, School of AI promised to foster more professionals into the society.


School of Artificial Intelligence will foster more AI talents to society

The School of AI was established by Liangjiang New Area and CQUT in June and recruited students from last September.

As one of the first batch of AI schools in China, it serves the industry via technology development and talent training. Its target is to be a top-notched school of AI within ten years, during which it will lead the new engineering building and industry-education integration in CQUT. The School of AI identified its guidelines and objectives and made ground-breaking achievements in developing disciplines, faculty and staff teams, teaching and culture, and recruiting students and processing student-related affairs.

AI Building Launch Ceremony was held at the Session. Covering about 5,000 m2, it occupies several multi-functional laboratories for intelligent hardware and system, speech processing and machine audition, big data and intelligent information processing, image processing and machine vision, machine learning, and computer gaming. The building is expected to become a vital base for pooling AI experts, training professionals, and conducting Enterprise-University-Research Institute collaborative researches.

Source: CQCB


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