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Five Ways to Enjoy a Cool Summer in Chongqing Wansheng


By Yuling Chen, iChongqing News

Chongqing – The Launching Ceremony of 2019 Summer Tourism took place in southeastern Chongqing’s Wansheng Economical, and Technological Development Zone, June 14, 2019. During the ceremony, five ways to enjoy a cool summer in Chongqing were recommended.

Valley for coolness

Wansheng Heishan Valley or Black Valley (Photo from Wansheng Tourism Development Commission)

Walking through Wansheng Heishan Valley or the Black Valley offers a refreshing experience. The scenic area has a forest coverage rate of about 97% and is 110km from downtown Chongqing. It is a popular summer resort with crystal clear streams running through peaceful valleys, and surrounded by densely wooded slopes.

Apart from walking on the plank road, stepping on the pontoon and enjoying the mountain view, visitors can also participate in rafting, rock climbing, camping, fishing, and hunting,  exciting and refreshing. 

The valley is the most extensive natural ecological landscape with the best environmental protection in Chongqing. It consists of cliffs, forests, bamboo, waterfalls, clear water, caves, and pontoons, stretching for more than ten kilometers.

Family tour for leisure

Mushroom Mobilization, a mushroom-themed park (Photo from Wansheng Tourism Development Commission)

Families can not only enjoy the lake and mountains but also participate in various interactive and exciting activities.

Enjoy the quality time beside the beautiful Wansheng Qingshan Lake and stroll along the lake’s fitness trails. Alternatively, families can go to a mushroom-themed park called “Mushroom Mobilization,” to be close to nature and let children learn facts about the environment. The mushroom park allows family members to pick up fresh mushrooms together and make a mushroom meal in the parent-child kitchen. Go to Jiuguoqing Forest Park and have a magnificent forest adventure. There are also colorful flowers to appreciate, outdoor barbecue to have fun, tent hotel to enjoy starry nights, Liaojin Beach to enjoy the leisure time.

Extreme sports for excitement 

Ordovician Theme Park (Photo from Wansheng Tourism Development Commission)

For the citizens and tourists who like to challenge themselves, Wansheng offers an array of extreme sports, mainly in the Ordovician Theme Park and the Youth Extreme Park.

Ordovician Theme Park is the first experiential geological theme park in China that integrates science education, natural sightseeing, theme play and live performance. Glass suspension bridges, cliff swings, and zip lines are waiting for fans to test their bravery. There are also large-scale magic shows, children’s happy valleys, camping bases for teenagers, and ski resorts.

Youth Extreme Park has racing cars, outdoor rock climbing, a Ferris wheel, hot air balloons, high-speed speedboats, motorboats, and more.

International circus festival for fun

International circus festival (Photo from Wansheng Tourism Development Commission)

From late June to early October, Wansheng presents the Heishan Valley International Circus Festival at the Visitor Service Center. A single show will last for 90 minutes and will be available for 1,500 people at a time.

The international circus program is jointly promoted by Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian, and other professional multinational teams. It is mainly composed of large animal performances such as lions, tigers, bears, dogs, as well as acrobatics, dances, and magic. The upcoming performing arts will bring audiences into a wonderful world full of fantasy, mystery, thrill, and humor.

Folk music for enjoyment

June 22 will showcase a folk music concert at the Youth Extreme Park, and the public opening of the extreme sports park. So if you are a fan of live music or extreme sports, don’t miss it!



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