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Chongqing Plans to Build 940 Tourist Toilets This Year


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

On June 15, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism convened the Promotion Conference on Key Revolution in National Public Culture and Tourist Toilet Revolution. The conference aims to implement the decisions and deployment of the central government on promoting the reforms of public culture and the toilet revolution as well as summarize, share, promote and analyze specific cases and typical experiences, specify the tasks and mobilize resources to arrange future work. 

According to the conference, the city plans to build 940 tourist toilets this year.


As one part of municipal “13th Five-year Plan”, Chongqing plans to build 940 tourist toilets this year

In recent years, Chongqing has constructed new tourist toilets as part of more significant tourism and infrastructure development plan (part of municipal “13th Five-year Plan”), to improve public services for tourism. By the end of 2018, Chongqing exceeded their plan to build 3,607 tourist toilets by more than 200 (3,861 have been built). Among them, there were 3,005 newly built ones, 856 renovated ones for a completion rate was 107.04%.

Meanwhile, Chongqing is taking multiple measures to achieve management and maintenance innovation. In Wulong, Kaizhou and Wansheng Economic and Technological Development Zone some tourist toilets have been renovated and equipped with built-in smart systems to facilitate the management of owners and help the visitors quickly find a nearby restroom. In addition, an App has been developed to solve the problem that it is difficult for citizens or visitors to find a nearby toilet in an urban area. This App can quickly locate 20 toilets near the user, show information such as specific location and distance, and find the nearest bathroom by shaking the phone. 

A person in charge of Chongqing Culture and Tourism Development Committee said, this year, Chongqing plans to build 940 tourist toilets, introduce and promote new ecological ones and attract private capital in the construction of it. 

Source: Chongqing Morning News


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