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Love This City 2: Development, Chongqing's Intelligent Industry Celebrates an Annual Growth of 19.2%


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

In 2018, the growth rates of the strategic emerging manufacturing and hi-tech industry accounted for 22.9% and 18% respectively, in Chongqing’s industry. Also, in the year, 203 intelligent transformation programs were implemented, and 76 city-level demonstration digital workshops and smart factories were recognized.


Chongqing is transforming into an intelligent city, with the intelligent industry celebrates the annual growth of 19.2%, the image is the GWM Vehicles’ production base in Yongchuan District

The “little giant” enterprises promote the replacement of old-growth drivers with new ones

In November last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the Notice to Develop Professional, Fine, Special, and Novel “Little Giant” Enterprises for fostering about 600 such enterprises in three years. There are 248 market players nationwide on the list in China, with five ones in Chongqing.

In addition, high-quality development also lies in such four aspects as the fast-growing emerging industries, significantly-improving innovation capability, widely-implemented intelligent manufacturing, and gradually-optimizing innovation eco-system.

Related data shows that Chongqing implemented the strategic action plan of innovation-driven development led by big data intelligence and has obtained the remarkable achievements in the growth rates of 13.1% in strategic emerging manufacturing, 13.7% in the hi-tech industry, and 19.2% in intelligent industry, which is the most significant.

Promote enterprises’ innovation, and develop the state-level manufacturing innovation center

Innovation provides sustainable impetus for hi-quality development.


The production base in Wanzhou District of Chang’an Kuayue Vehicles

This year, Chongqing will promote the construction of manufacturing innovation centers for intelligence connected vehicle (ICV), industrial big data, integrated circuit technique & packaging, and testing, and machine vision, thus striving to make significant progress in building the state-level manufacturing innovation center.

Meanwhile, Chongqing will make great efforts in such advanced modes of production as intelligent manufacturing, service-oriented manufacturing, and green manufacturing, thus driving the reform of manufacturing in quality, power, and efficiency.

Source: Chongqing Morning News


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