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The Export of Chongqing Intelligent Security Doors Yields Annual Sales Revenue of 300 Million USD


Mexin Doors, the security door manufacturer and current leader of the Chinese door market, has completed an impressive transformation from a traditional security door producer to an intelligent security door manufacturer. Its security doors have been sold to countries along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with annual export revenue of 300 million USD.


As a leading security door manufacturer, Meixin Door sold their doors to countries along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) with annual export revenue of 300 million USD

In the beginning, it followed the traditional development path. Later, its diversified products, mass production, and the dawn of the Internet era created demands that could not be satisfied by a conventional order management and delivery mode. Then, Mexin Doors started to adopt intelligent technologies.


The intelligent security doors, which can connect with the mobile-phone

In 2000, Mexin paid more than 20 million RMB to a technology company in Shenzhen to build its first intelligent platform — the unmanned warehouse. After receiving orders, the warehouse platform can quickly distribute them to different production platforms. After the products are produced, the warehouse can automatically transport them to designated areas of the warehouse according to different categories, to guarantee fast delivery.

Mexin also built an intelligent office system. Upon receipt of orders, sales store staff enter them into the system. The production department starts producing after receiving orders in this system and gives timely feedback on the production cycle. After completing the production, the delivery will be prompted by the system. As a result, customers can track the whole process of production and distribution in real time after placing orders.


The intelligent locks of Meixin Doors

Mexin has started to develop intelligent locks since 2016 and has developed over 30 types of smart locks since the first one launched in 2018. “From August last year to March this year, Mexin has implemented intelligent transformation on six production lines,” said Nie Li, Head of the Product Development Department of Mexin Technology Center. “The intelligent production lines independently developed by Mexin realized the producing a door out of a steel plate in only 30 seconds greatly increased production efficiency, and improved precision and stability of products.”


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