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Chongqing's Cool Summer Sporting Events are Waiting for You this July


By Xinyi Li, EDITOR

Chongqing will welcome July with various sporting events. According to the Administration of Sport of Chongqing on June 26, sports lovers will be able to experience the cool water-related activities like rafting and canyoning in addition to the swimming competition in the National Fitness Games in the Mountain City.


There are many sporting competitions in Chongqing this July, the image is skating

According to information, the Sports Carnival — National Fitness Games in Chongqing would launch competitions of cycling, swimming and other events in succession in July, giving ordinary fans more opportunities to take part in water-related events such as the International Rafting Competition of Wuxi Daning River and Jindaoxia International Canyoning Elite Competition.


There are some attractive water-related events, the image is canyoning

The schedule of competitions

Competition Item Date Venue The number of Participants
International Rafting Competition of Wuxi Daning River July 12-14 Open Water of Daning River 1,000
China Triathlon League July 26 Taiyang Lake in the Huangshui National Forest Park in Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County 500
2019 Jindaoxia International Canyoning Elite Competition July 6-7 Jindao Canyon Scenic Area, Beibei District 300
Roller Skating Race of the Ninth National Fitness Games in Chongqing July 5-7 Shapingba District 1,000
Fast Cycling Race in Beibei District July 23 Jingguan Town, Beibei District 200
2019 Yangtze River Invitational Tournament in Yunyang County July The Yangtze River More than 60

Source: CQNews


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