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Chongqing Travel Guide: Find a Fascinating Pagoda Downtown

By XIAO WU|Jul 01,2019

By Xiao Wu, video by Xingchen Yue, iChongqing news.

Chongqing - If you are visiting downtown Chongqing and you're wondering what to do here, one of the must-sees is Hong'en Temple Park, one of the largest central parks in Downtown Chongqing.

We went there on a cool day and took a walk around this vast and wonderful park. There were many things to enjoy, a variety of plants, stylish Chinese-style architecture, and beautiful lakes, making it a perfect place for relaxation or just taking a walk. Although the park is located in the city center, there was no city noise inside, only the sounds of birds, insects and rustling leaves. The curving trails among the green grass also makes this a favorite among joggers.

Walking up the trail, we were led to today's surprise – Hong' en Pagoda. The Chinese style pagoda so beautifully and grandly stands on the top of the park. At an altitude of 468 meters, it is the highest point in downtown Chongqing. Standing at the feet of the pagoda, visitors can enjoy an overview of downtown Chongqing. When the night falls, the pagoda gets even more fascinating.

In the video, we show you some interesting facts about Hong' en temple park. If you're around and love parks, you should visit this one, and you will be amazed.

Address: No.305 Hongshi Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing China.


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