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Wushan Plum Unveiled New Brand Image to the World



Wushan Cuili (Plum) Brand Image Launch Ceremony was held in Beijing on July 1. It was the first time that the brand unveiled its new brand image and slogan, “Wushan Cuili (Plum): A Gift for the World,”  which marks its first step into the global market. China Meteorological Service Association also awarded the China Great Climate Product certificate to Wushan Cuili at the ceremony.

Wushan plum

Wushan plum

Wushan Mountain stands in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region. Arenosols and humid air there make it a perfect place for growing fruits. Plantation of this kind of plums began in Tang and Song Dynasties, at least a thousand years ago. Wushan County has been improving relevant plantation techniques recently, boosting industrial development. As a result, plum growing becomes one of the pillar agricultural industries of the county.

Slogan for Wushan plum

Slogan for Wushan plum

The Wushan Cuili (Plum) farm is now 153.3-square-kilometers, and the 80,000 tons of fruits will be sold worldwide. White Fashionable Package (1.0 kg), Red Gift Package (2.5 kg) and Green Business Package (5.0 kg) are available to satisfy different demands. “We have worked with multiple logistics companies, like SF Express, JD. com and China Post, to build a unique plum selling system, which enjoys 35 cold-chain transportation routes. Thanks to that, customers can get freshly picked plums within 48 hours at most. This also lays a solid foundation for Wushan Cuili to go global.”

Chongqing is going to develop similar plum brands in Wuxi, Fengjie, Yunyang, Kaizhou, Wanzhou, and other places, to realize cluster development of this industry.

Source: CQCB


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