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SCE One Year on Xiantao Big Data Valley Aims to Build an Industrial Cluster Worth 10-bln USD

By YULING CHEN|Jul 12,2019

By Yuling Chen, iChongqing News

Chongqing- According to Xiantao International Big Data Valley, or XBV, on July 9, 2019, an industrial cluster worth RMB 100 billion (about USD 14.56 billion) is taking shape, powered by about 20 projects settled in the big data valley in Yubei District of Chongqing.

Panoramic view of Xiantao International Big Data Valley in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality

An electric smart toothbrush can collect data on a child's brushing behaviors, and produce a report through spatial algorithms, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, so as to help parents keep pace with the brushing situation of their child(ren) and discover potential oral health risks. That is one projected signed at last year's Smart China Expo in southwestern Chongqing and already settled in Xiantao International Big Data Valley. 

Just as Chinese president Xi Jinping said in the congratulatory letter to the China International Big Data Industry Expo 2019, The new generation of information technology, represented by the internet, big data and artificial intelligence, is booming at present and has significant and profound influence on various countries' economic development, social progress and people's lives.

Four kinds of chips within one year

Xiantao International Big Data Valley

The XBV innovation ecosystem alliance released nine new products covering high-intelligent chips, smart city applications, and intelligent hardware. Wu Qi Technologies, Inc. founded in November 2016 and is located in XBV launched four artificial intelligence and IoT chips with "Chongqing gene", namely 3D structured light face recognition chip, local noise reduction and speech recognition chip, AI energy efficiency management chip, as well as power calculation and communications chips, at a press conference held in Shenzhen April 18 this year.

Voltmao, founded by a student from Chongqing University, is a comprehensive energy service platform and solution provider based on the energy IoT. Since its inception, it has served more than 4,000 companies and saved an average 5%-20% energy consumption for each company.

At the contract-signing ceremony of SCE 2018, a total of 45 projects agreements were reached, with a total planned investment volume worth RMB 25.646 billion and with an annual output value of over RMB 28 billion. Among them, there were about 20 projects concerning big data and intelligence. Furthermore, Huawei Chongqing DevCloud Innovation Center was officially unveiled at SCE 2018. Projects such as Thunder Software Technology Co., Ltd. and CISDI Group Co., Ltd. settled in the big data valley.

The innovation ecosphere and ten platforms

innovation ecosphere

According to Yang Jigang,  deputy general manager of XBV Investment and Management Company, the big data valley focuses on developing big data a data-driven innovation ecosphere. It defines three key technology industries-IoT, integrated circuit design, and artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, five key industries-intelligent automobiles, intelligent terminal, life and health, aviation industry, as well as digital city and county, are to promote the development of intelligent manufacturing industry.

Additionally, ten supportive platforms are intelligent prototype production platform, talent training platform of Xiantao International College, a full set of 3D printing platform, brain-like technology platform, appearance design platform, aviation industry service platform, intelligent vehicle collaborative innovation platform, software system development platform, advanced computing platform, as well as biomedical research and development platform.

More about XBV

Xiantao International Big Data Valley is located in Yubei District. It covers an area of 2 km2 and has a construction area of 1.75 million m2. XBV benefits from its geographical position, 9 km away from Chongqing Jiangbei Intentional Airport and 1.5 km away from the Chongqing International Expo Center.

At present, XBV completed the construction of commercial buildings with a total area of ​​350,000 m2, and the construction area of about 1.4 million m2, with an investment of about 6.5 billion yuan. There are 760 registered enterprises, 142 settled enterprises, and more than 5,000 employees.

On August 22, 2018, the day before the opening ceremony of the first Smart China Expo, 45 projects were signed in Xiantao International Big Data Valley with a planned investment of RMB 25.6 billion and an estimated annual output of over RMB 28 billion, according to its the Three-Year Action Plan of XTB Valley at the press conference of Smart China Expo on August 25.


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