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Chongqing is Enlarging Tactics on the Protection of the Mountains

By RUI HU|Jul 16,2019


No new residential land will be planned in the undeveloped areas within the "Four Mountains" in the main urban area of Chongqing. On July 10, Notification of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government on Printing and Issuing the Implementation Plan of Chongqing Main Urban Area to Protect and Improve the "Four Mountains" was released on the website of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government.

Zhongliang Mountain

Zhongliang Mountain

The "Four Mountains" refer to Jinyun Mountain, Zhongliang Mountain, Tongluo Mountain, and Mingyue Mountain, which run through the north and south of the main urban area and are important ecological barriers of the area.

The Implementation Plan of Chongqing Main Urban Area to Protect and Improve the "Four Mountains" (hereinafter referred to as the "Implementation Plan") proposes to focus on implementing protection and improvement of the "Four Mountains" according to the overall idea of "working for 5 years, observing for 10 years and planning for further 30 years", so as to protect and restore the natural and cultural environment of the "Four Mountains" and create a harmonious landscape of "mountains in the city and the city in the mountains".

Jinyun Mountain

Jinyun Mountain

Illegal Construction Control

One of the tasks proposed in the Implementation Plan is to promote the comprehensive control of unlawful construction in the "Four Mountains" within the main urban area.

The Implementation Plan calls for overall arrangement of the unique clean-up and rectification work of "plastic houses" and unauthorized villas and the special rectification work of the "four disturbances", as well as the serious rectification of the illegal construction of "villas", "resorts" and "private courtyards" within the scope of the "Four Mountains". This will deal with the stock problems following in accordance with laws and regulations, and resolutely control new issues, to restore the natural landscape and ecological functions of the mountains.

No New Residential Land will be Planned

The Implementation Plan requires to adhere to the policy of "making all-out efforts to protect and forbidding large-scale development", control the total construction land of the "Four Mountains", and make efforts to reduce the amount with the total amount of existing construction land as the base; standardize the development and construction of the "Four Mountains", and strengthen the architecture and landscape control, so as to realize rational and temperate utilization of the "Four Mountains" resources.

The construction and development activities in the current construction land of the "Four Mountains" in the main urban area will be strictly controlled in accordance with the principle that the total scale should only be reduced but not increased.

no new residential land will be developed in unbuilt areas

For projects that have been sold but have not been implemented, the clean-up work will be carried out according to the idea of "reducing capacity, controlling height and improving quality," to strictly enforce the reduction requirements, strengthen the planning and control of building heights and landscape features.

Real Estate Development and Construction will be Prohibited

In terms of strengthening control over the construction of the "four mountains," the Implementation Plan also calls for strict project access.

As for the construction land within the urban development boundaries of the "Four Mountains" in the central metropolitan area, including urban construction land and village construction land, the project access will be strictly controlled centering on protecting and restoring the ecological environment and natural landscape, moderately developing the cultural leisure, health and elderly care as well as rural tourism functions, and prohibiting new residential real estate development projects.

In addition, the protection and control of the "Four Mountains" control area within the main urban area will be strictly implemented, and all kinds of real estate development and construction activities will be prohibited except for risk screening & emergency rescue, housing for villagers, significant infrastructures, military facilities, crucial public welfare facilities, necessary tourism supporting facilities and constructions due to ecological environment protection, scenic resources protection and cultural relics protection.

The Buildings' Height should not Exceed 12 Meters

According to the requirements of the Implementation Plan, the building quality within the "Four Mountains" of the main urban area will also be improved.

First of all, the regional characteristics should be highlighted in the architectural style, and features of the "Four Mountains" area and the architectural form, structural height, style, and color should be stipulated, to coordinate with the mountain landscape, style, and features.

The Implementation Plan specifically requires that the height of all kinds of newly-built buildings and structures should be strictly controlled, not block the ridgelines, forest crowns and cliff landscapes, and not exceed 12 meters in principle with trees as the reference. For cultural tourism, out looking & observation, and military facilities and other specialized structures that indeed need to exceed 12 meters in height, special argumentations should be carried out.

Source: CQCB
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