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The First Frozen Original Shipping Containers Unpacked Through ILSTC

By RUI HU|Jul 16,2019


On July 15, the imported frozen shipping test containers arrived in Chongqing for the first time.

The containers of this batch of frozen seafood are the original shipping containers as well as the first original frozen shipping containers of ILSTC for import goods. 

The First Frozen "Original Shipping Containers"

The First Frozen "Original Shipping Containers"

Convenient! The Customs Clearance Time is Compressed Again

The test containers of the original frozen shipping containers were shipped from the Ho Chi Minh Port in Vietnam to the Qinzhou Port in Guangxi by sea and then transferred to the Central Station of Tuanjie Village in Chongqing by rail. What's different is that the containers of this batch of frozen seafood are the original shipping containers as well as the first original frozen shipping containers of ILSTC for import goods. This saved the previous container exchange procedures and the customs clearance procedures after reaching Chongqing by means of customs transfer, not only compressing the customs clearance time, reducing the enterprise costs, but also increasing the added value of the chilled and fresh aquatic products, and creating favorable conditions for import and export enterprises to open up the global market.

Unpacking the products from the container

Unpacking the products from the container

Fast! More than 20 Days Saved Compared with Traditional River-sea Transportation

Compared with the traditional river-sea transportation and customs clearance in Chongqing, this transportation saved more than 20 days. Due to the long river-sea transportation time, the original shipping containers do not go through the river-sea transit and do not enter the inland. And instead of customs clearance and container changing at the coastal ports, as well as the transportation by road to the inland, ILSTC can save the unstuffing and replacement costs at ports by more than 1,000 RMB, as well as the transportation cost by 2,000-3,000 RMB.

"It takes 30 days to reach Chongqing by traditional river-sea transportation, but it only takes about 8 days through ILSTC," said the person in charge of China-Singapore Southward Channel (Chongqing) Logistics Development Co., Ltd., the operation platform of the rail-sea intermodal trains along the ILSTC, "Through the rail-sea intermodal transportation along the ILSTC, it is beneficial to form a distribution center for imported cold chain products facing inland in Chongqing, boost the construction of pioneers of inland openness and international logistics hubs, and facilitate the sales of fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products in Chongqing and inland areas to the world by original shipping containers." The person in charge of Shuanghe Supply Chain Management (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., the carrier of the imported basha fish this time from Yunyang County, said that through the transportation test of the imported Southeast Asian seafood in original containers of ILSTC, he deeply felt the advantages of ILSTC in transportation path, logistics cost, port clearance and transit efficiency.

The opening of this corridor has improved our market competitiveness in imported international agricultural products and seafood, bringing the company good news for the future normalization and bulk import of agricultural products and seafood & aquatic products from Southeast Asia and South America.

Source: CQCB
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