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Travel Guide: making pottery amid countryside coziness and coolness

By YULING CHEN|Jul 16,2019

By Yuling Chen, Xingchen Yue, iChongqing

Summer is here. Staying inside and turning on an air-conditioner is a wise way to keep out of the heat, especially for Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality, known as one of the 'furnaces' of China, with the highest temperature over 40℃, or 104℉. But that choice may be neither enjoyable nor environment-friendly. So guess what? Journalist of iChongqing and Patrick, guest for this episode has found a clever place for people to have a cool summer as they experience pottery-making inside.

China enjoys a long history of pottery-making and is famous for its pottery varieties. Generally speaking, a whole process of pottery-making involves clay preparation, form creation, chipping away excess clay, drying naturally,  trimming pieces for the final shape, glaze, and firing. It usually takes a month or so to learn the form creation if people would like to experience at a workshop.

After a one-hour drive from downtown Chongqing, we arrive in the countryside, about 8 miles away from the university town in Shapingba District. The forest coverage rate of the whole Chongqing region was improved to 48% in 2018, according to the municipal government work report on January 27, 2019, so it's a pretty green experience. Although a majority of Chongqing locals live in the urban area, the beautiful countryside represents an idyllic and enchanting place for them.

As technology develops, there are potteries and ceramics made by 3D printers, which shorten the time spent to make pottery.  So if you have enough time to enjoy coziness and coolness in the countryside, pottery-making is an excellent choice.

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