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Chongqing's First Escalator Pathway on Cliffs Opened



The magic Mountain City has built a new quality pathway! According to Chongqing Yuzhong City Construction Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., the Dahua Pathway, Chongqing’s first escalator pathway on cliffs, was built recently and scheduled to open to the public on June 29.

Dahua (Jiukengzi Road at Daping-Hualongqiao Subdistrict) Pathway

Dahua (Jiukengzi Road at Daping-Hualongqiao Subdistrict) Pathway

The Dahua Pathway, about 400 meters long, starts at Jingwei Avenue, Jiukengzi Road, and ends at Ruitian Road, Hualongqiao Subdistrict, Yuzhong District. As a pathway built on cliffs along mountains, it has a drop of some 100 meters. Additionally, for the convenience of residents living along the path, 14 escalators have been set up, 7 for ascending and 7 for descending. Thanks to the Dahua Pathway, it only takes about 10 minutes for citizens to travel from Hualongqiao Subdistrict to Daping Subdistrict.

overview of Dahua pathway

overview of Dahua pathway

Moreover, a new parking lot with 40 parking spaces, covering an area of about 1,600 square meters, has been built next to the entrance and exit of Jiukengzi Road at the top of the Dahua Pathway.

It not only makes citizens’ travel convenient but also presents beautiful scenery, with more than 10,000 square meters of landscape greening area along with it. There are various plants such as trident maples, bougainvillea, winter jasmines, photinia fraseri, camellias, osmanthus fragrance, and rhododendron simsii, and some parts of the pathway are hidden in groves of bamboos.

Source: Chongqing Daily
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