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Chongqing's First 83-kilometer-long Cycling Loop Line to Be Built in Lijia



Approved by the Liangjiang New Area Administrative Committee, a conceptual plan of Lijia Mountain City Footpath has been worked out. It is 83 kilometers long and includes two themed core parts of the Mountain & Water Sightseeing Circle and Smart Ecology Circle, Future Tech Themed Sightseeing Line, diversified Sightseeing & Enjoyment Gallery, and Block Leisure Line.

Map of Lijia trail

Map of Lijia trail

In the plan, the Mountain & Water Sightseeing Circle, 22.6 kilometers long, will be accessible to bicycles on its whole course, which will be the first of its kind in Chongqing. In the future, the Liangjiang New Area also plans to build footpaths in Yuelai, Longxing, Dazhulin, and other regions.

Since last year, the Liangjiang New Area has been designing the greenway system combining commuting and leisure functions and supporting both walking and cycling, with seven lines and the overall lengths of 168 kilometers in total. The No.3 and No.5 Greenways, with Zhaomushan Forest Park as the center, are both demonstration projects, which have been completed.

Map of Lijia in the planning

Map of Lijia in the planning

The overall structure of the whole footpath can be summarized as “Two Circles, One Line, Multiple Galleries and Multiple Branches.” The two themed core circles are the Mountain & Water Sightseeing Circle and Smart Ecology Circle; the Future Tech Themed Line is a featured line for sightseeing; there are also many galleries and branches like the diversified Sightseeing & Enjoyment Gallery and Block Leisure Line.

Among them, the Mountain & Water Sightseeing Circle and Smart Ecology Circle are 22.6 kilometers and 11.5 kilometers long respectively; the Future Tech Themed Line is 8.5 kilometers long, and the galleries and branches are 23.6 kilometers and 13.5 kilometers long in total.

The Mountain & Water Sightseeing Circle can be divided into the Jinhaiwan Section (waterside leisure experience), Jiuquhe Section (a city on mountains), and Happy Valley Section (mountain adventure). The footpath will be three to five meters wide, with the planned riding time of about 1.5 hours. This Circle will be equipped with a cycling line, with the whole course accessible. However, for the serious difficulty path, the Happy Valley Section may be restricted or designed exclusively for contests. The footpath will take the first and second-level stations as the bases and make the cyclists feel more convenient.

The whole course of the Lijia Footpath will be equipped with smart devices. Supported by companies like China Mobile, Unicom, and Telecom, some critical areas of the smart footpath will have 5G signals. The independent supermarkets, VR experience, and other intelligent facilities will also bring convenience to citizens.

Source: CQ News
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