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First Batch of 200 New-Energy Taxis Debuted in Chongqing



On August 1, the pilot demonstration operation of new-energy cruise taxis was launched in the main urban area of Chongqing. The first batch of 200 battery electric vehicles, of which 100 were urban SUVs, were put into use.

New energy taxis

New energy taxis of which 100 were urban SUVs

According to the Chongqing Administration of Road Transportation, an additional 200 new-energy cruise taxis have been put into service in this pilot demonstration operation, with the same charging standards as others.

New taxis with "empty car" light on the top

New taxis with “empty car” light on the top

Currently, these cruise taxis run nearly 500 kilometers per day on average. The two types of new-energy cruise taxis can travel 405 kilometers on a 52kWh recharge that takes 40 minutes to an hour. Plenty of charging piles have sprung up in the main urban area, and taxi drivers can also check the location of charging piles and other information on compatible apps. In the event of any unpredictable situation during the pilot demonstration operation, please call (023) 96096 with any suggestion or advice.

Source: CQ News
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