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SCE Green Channel Planned at Chongqing Airport Customs

By RUI HU|Aug 07,2019


According to Chongqing Airport Customs on July 31, it planned to open a green channel for the Smart China Expo (SCE Green Channel), and designated specialized personnel to assist with customs procedures, to shorten the clearance time for SCE participants.

Departure Tax Refund counter of China Customs, Chongqing Airport

China Customs, Chongqing Airport

SCE participants will have priority in customs clearance by declaring at the inbound declaration counter with relevant documents.

During the SCE, the Airport Customs will conduct pre-review of the required documents for customs clearance in advance, give full play to the efficiency of various regulatory facilities and equipment of systems and radiation detection, and adhere to “three-100%” principles for the luggage regulation (i.e. 100% inspection of inbound and outbound baggage of passengers in principle, 100% inspection of baggage of conveyance personnel, and 100% unpacking inspection of all suspicious baggage inspected by the machine). Meanwhile, the exhibition materials, entourage, and luggage will be comprehensively supervised to improve the inspection accuracy of prohibited items.

Besides, it has established cooperation mechanism with the Organizing Committee of SCE, Chongqing Airport Group, Chongqing Frontier Inspection, and other departments, closely coordinated with the airport VIP Department to have related work of customs clearance protocol and convenient customs clearance well done. In addition, it has strengthened security prevention and control in critical sites and regions, conducted training on using anti-terrorist and anti-riot equipment, and conduct on-site exercises in accordance with contingency plans for handling emergencies, to ensure controllable tourist inspection and fast customs clearance.

Source: CQCB
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