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Acrobatic Show in Chongqing to Bring Visitors A Visual Feast

By XINYI LI|Aug 10,2019

By Xinyi Li, Deng Zhang, iChongqing

Chongqing - There is a group of people in Chongqing who give a high-risk performance while they can bring visitors a visual feast. Without any doubts, they are excellent artists, recording their youth by acrobatics.

They are performers of a fantastic acrobatic show in Chongqing - Magic City and Extreme Happiness Show. The Performance features modern acrobatics and encompasses various programs, which have won gold awards in international and national competitions in recent years. A series of breathtaking, thrilling and impressive programs, such as aerial straps act, bicycle acrobatics, the Wheel of Death and trampoline, will present visitors with an ultimate feast of extreme art.

Since they stand in a special and unique angle of art, let’s explore their stories behind the fantastic show.

An incredible show with each quiz had owned international award

With a shorter stage life, acrobats usually recede into the background when they are about 30 years old, except for some select types of performances. Zhao Bin, Chief Administrative Officer of Chongqing Acrobatic Art Troupe of China, is a performer from the stage to back in 1996. According to his understanding of acrobatics, it’s easier to design or lead a massive show like this one.

“It was designed as a tourist performance,” said Zhao Bin, “which means it won’t have a very long time, with only one hour. It was designed especially for tourists rather than local people since tourists won’t have enough time to enjoy a show here.”


Extreme Happiness Show was designed as a tourist performance

Different from traditional acrobatic shows, Extreme Happiness Show integrates more dance and art elements so that it will bring audiences the visual feast. According to Zhao, Extreme Happiness Show was derived from Da Yu, which is another acrobatic show designed according to legends of Nanshan Mountain in Chongqing.

Li Lianbo, Director of Extreme Happiness Show, said, “We have many highlights in this show, like gorgeous lights. Also, we integrated 3D and immersive experiences into the show.” The visual impact of Extreme Happiness Show will be massive.


The show integrates 3D and immersive experiences into the show

Although the Extreme Happiness Show had completed its design, Li Lianbo stays behind the stage almost every day to observe the effects of the show and how audiences interact, for improvement of the show.

Zhao said, “I have the confidence that Extreme Happiness Show is the essence of acrobatics because we planed this show three years ago. Each quiz of this show all had won an international award.”

We need your applause and cheer to keep going

Many acrobatic performers are very young, while the eldest one is 25 years old in the Chongqing Acrobatic Art Troupe of China. They record their youth in this way, show after show, night after night.

Su Zengxian, Jumping Ring Starring Performer of Extreme Happiness Show, felt in love with acrobatics when he was a trampolining gymnast before. After enjoying an acrobatic show, he just got an idea that if he could go on the stage, it would be so great. Su joined the troupe when he was 13 years old. Until now, he has trained as an acrobat for eight years.


The item of jumping ring

Similar to Su Zengxian, Guo Lei is the Meteor and Diabolo Starring Performer of Extreme Happiness Show. “This is my first job, and it lets me grow up so fast... it brings international elements to me, that the college life cannot give. It’s more like nerve stimulation.” Said Guo Lei.

Su said, “my team is like a big family. They will encourage me when I made a mistake so that audiences would join my team to encourage me together! That’s so great.” Meanwhile, Guo Lei said that the interaction of team members could remedy the mistakes performers made on the stage so that tacit understanding is extremely important since acrobatics is teamwork.


The bicycle acrobatics

After half-year training life, Chongqing Acrobatic Art Troupe of China presented Extreme Happiness Show to the public this May. Su and Guo are parts of this show. According to them, they train 10 to 12 hours for rehearsal every day. For the next step, regarding Cirque du Soleil as the goal, they will try to develop the brand of Magic City and Extreme Happiness Show to other areas out of Chongqing and even to the world.

“We need your [audiences] applause and cheer to keep going our performances.” Said Su and Guo.


A clown will warm up the stage before the performance begins

Tips: Time of Magic City and Extreme Happiness Show begins at 19:30 every night, which is 30 minutes earlier than before.

Address: Chongqing International Circus City (It is next to the Dafo Temple and Meixin Women’s Street in Nan’an District)

Time: At 19:30 every day

Price: 100/180/280 RMB. Discount for families, soldiers and the old will be released soon.

Ticket-Buying: The audience can buy tickets online at the official WeChat account of the Performance (魔幻之都·极限快乐), the official website of Chongyan Piaowu (重演票务平台) and the Wechat official account of the Chongqing International Circus City (重庆国际马戏城). Purchase can also be realized offline at the Chongqing International Circus City and ticket windows of Chongyan Piaowu.

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