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A New Attraction Will Open on 18th: Baima Mountain Scenic Spot


By Rui Hu, iChongqing News

Tianchi Qingyuan scenic spot, the first project in Baima Mountain tourist resort, Wulong District, Chongqing, will open on August 18 after a 3-year construction.

Tea picking in Baima Mountain

Tea picking in Baima Mountain

Pleasant eco-environment and unique culture

Baima Mountain tourist resort, set up in March 2016, is situated in an impoverished mountainous area in the southeast of Wulong District. Covering an area of some 478km2, it has jurisdiction over 22 villages (neighborhood) committees as well as the provincial-level Baima Mountain nature reserve, with the total population of more than 32,000 in over 9,000 rural households. The resort spans between a lower altitude of around 180m and a higher one of 1,984m.

Sunset in Baima Mountain

Sunset in Baima Mountain

It takes about 2 hours to drive from the central downtown of Chongqing to the scenic spot via Chongqing-Hunan Expressway. The capacity expansion engineering of Chonqing-Hunan Expressway is set to begin this year.After completion of Chongqing-Hunan High-Speed Railway, that time will be further reduced to 30 minutes, and Baima Mountain tourist resort will become an easy-go attraction for citizens in the downtown area.

Baima Mountain tourist resort boasts a favorable eco-environment with flourishing vegetation and the forest coverage of over 90%. The resort buildings are dotted around the nature reserve to minimize environmental damages based on the construction philosophy of “development in conservation and conservation-oriented development.” In Baima Mountain has circulated a folk tale about the prince charming and the tea fairy. In addition, Baima Mountain has been recorded in ancient classics as home to quality tea with well-preserved tea-salt road relics.

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