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Smart Life of Smart China Expo 2019 to Present the Life in the Future


By Deng Zhang, Xinyi Li, iChongqing news

The Smart China Expo 2019 launched on August 26th and will last until August 29th. This year, the 5G network will cover all corners of the event. Also, there are more than 25 projects with 50 scenes and exhibition booths of smart life to experience.
More than 50 life scenes including autonomous supermarkets, smart medical care, brush storage, hydrogen fuel vehicles, smart navigation, driverless, AR games, and smart trails will be set up in the venue, from smart life, smart production, and smart facilities. It presents the latest achievements in different aspects of the smart industry and the vivid form of the smart city in the future.


Visitors are playing with the artificial hand

iChongqing has done a live stream about smart life at the Smart China Expo 2019. Let’s go and follow iChongqing to check it out!

Artificial hands to change the life of the disabled

Bionics, also known as biologically inspired engineering, is the application of biological methods or systems to study or design of engineering systems and modern technology. Also, it is the way to help other people who really need it.

In an exhibition booth of smart technology, they present the artificial arms or hands, which is applied for the human world, to help the disabled.
Ni is one of the disabled, and he has used artificial hands for almost two years. According to the technician of the artificial hands, when a person wants to control his arm or hands, there are some weak electrical signals on the skin. These electrical signals will control the artificial hands by his brain, therefore, controlling the bionics.


Ni and his artificial hand, which changes his life

Facial recognition to make life more efficient

Facial recognition has already been implemented in real life, such as security at the airport or autonomous supermarket.
As many people know, Tencent is a large group with frontiers of science and technology in China. In the Tencent booth of Smart China Expo 2019, there is a vending machine, which uses facial recognition. They connect the personal WeChat account with the vending machine to achieve the self-purchasing by facial recognition. After the authentication of facial information, you can buy everything you want on the machine, which connects with your account in other places. It will be convenient and highly efficient.

The vending machine with facial recognition

Similar to the vending machine, airports also collect people’s information so that passengers can use facial recognition when they pass through security.
In addition to the things mentioned above, there are many other examples of smart life in Smart China Expo 2019. They will present to you a vision of futuristic life. You can watch the replay of the live stream of iChongqing on Facebook to find out more.


The visitor is using facial recognition to borrow a power bank


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