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Kaifu Li: AI Will Reshape All the Industries

By RUI HU|Aug 31,2019


Jointly hosted by AInnovation and CISDI Group Co., Ltd., with Chongqing Hi-tech Zone Management Committee, AInnovation and CISDI Group Co., Ltd. The “Intelligent Manufacturing towards the Future – An Era of AI Reshaping A New Pattern of Manufacturing Industry” Forum was launched on 2019 Smart China Expo on August 28.

Three influential guests, including Kaifu Li, Chairman, and CEO of Innovation Works, Zhou Zhihua, Dean of School of Artificial Intelligence of Nanjing University and world-level expert in artificial intelligence, and Jose C. Principe, a scientist for signal processing, machine learning, and biomedical engineering, attended the forum and delivered keynote speeches.

Artificial Intelligence is abbreviated as AI. Kaifu Li delivered a keynote speech entitled “The Fourth Industrial Revolution and Industrial Transformation” at the forum. He reckoned that AI is entering an era featured by AI+ and empowering traditional industries, as a main driving force of the fourth industrial revolution. “AI+ traditional industry” is expected to contribute RMB 100 trillion of growth to the world economy.

AI is not strange to us, as AlphaGo, a robot that defeated the world champion of Go, an AI program in Japan that passed a college entrance exam, voice recognition, and machine translation all fall in the AI category.

Mr li is giving his speech about AI.

Li believes that the platform of AI is similar to electricity and the Internet in terms of the level because neither electric light bulbs nor televisions were invented as an isolated technology, but a technology based on electricity. Another example is the wide-spread online shopping platform today, which is also a technology developed on the basis of the Internet.

Li made an analysis of the four waves of AI and said, “The four waves of AI will reshape all the industries.”

The first wave is the most data-intensive Internet industry.

The second wave is the second most data-intensive industry: all the traditional industries, especially those data-oriented traditional industries, such as finance.

The third wave is the intelligent industry in the physical world. As Lee has said, AI could not only see and hear something but also sense all kinds of different information flows such as temperature, humidity, and movement of people.

What value can AI bring to traditional industries?  Li deems that the first is enterprise service outsourcing, which empowers traditional enterprises to reduce repetitive work and improve their efficiency. The second is the cost reduction of call centers based on the function of voice recognition, which enables the call centers to set the laborers free for more challenging work.

As Li has pointed out, AI will transform the world just like electricity and the Internet. It’s best for traditional industries to grasp the best opportunities for AI. Internet companies that embrace AI can get a more significant chance of winning (adapting), while those slow-moving traditional companies may lose opportunities. “I have great expectations for China’s AI and its empowerment of traditional enterprises.”


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