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The Promotional Conference of Chongqing Image and Cultural Tourism Opens in Germany


By Jieyu Wang, iChongqing News

Chongqing — On September 4, the promotional conference of Chongqing image and cultural tourism was held at the city show of “Moments with Chongqing” in Frankfurt, Germany. Relevant officials from the Landtag of Hesse and representatives of German travel agencies participated in the promotional meeting.

At the promotional conference, relevant officials of Frankfurt extended a warm welcome to the cooperation of cultural tourism between Chongqing and Frankfurt. They considered that promoting cultural tourism projects together will not only bring profits but also enhance mutual understanding between the residents of China and Germany. Xue Zhu, the head of the delegation, introduced the current situation of Chongqing cultural tourism and invited German residents to visit Chongqing and carry on business cooperation.

“China has a long history and rich cultural tourism resources. It can be seen from the city show that Chongqing is also a city with profound historical heritage. Many Germans know the Chinese historical stories that take place in Chongqing from books,” said a representative of the German travel agencies.

Representatives of Nan’an district and Wulong district also introduced their cultural tourism successively at the promotion conference, attracting the attention of German travel agencies. China Tours Hamburg CTH GmbH signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Nan’an district, and they will widely promote cultural tourism projects of the Nan’an district in Germany.



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