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5G + Smart Travel Experience Hall Opened at Jiangbei International Airport



On September 3, the “Wandering Chongqing – 5G + Smart Cultural Tourism Pavilion”, built by China Mobile Chongqing Branch and Chongqing Airport Group Co., Ltd., officially opened to the public. Visitors from all over the country can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Chongqing’s popular scenic spots as long as they wear VR glasses in the experience hall.

VR cycling experience in pavilion

VR cycling experience in the pavilion

The experience hall is arranged at the Domestic Departure Hall of Jiangbei International Airport Terminal 3, where the 5G+VR live broadcast system can transmit the real-time images of Chongqing’s scenic spots captured by panoramic cameras to the cloud rendering push-stream server relying on the ultra-high-speed transmission and ultra-low latency of 5G network. Visitors to and from the airport can enjoy the real-time scenery of several famous scenic spots of Chongqing, such as Jiefangbei, Three Natural Bridges of Wulong District and Baidicheng (White Emperor City) of Fengjie, from all directions and angles, by wearing VR glasses connected with 5G network. On top of that, they can experience 5G interactive experience items such as spinning bicycle, finger-guessing robot, and so on.

A tourist is experiencing the 5G+ technology at the pavilion

Before the opening of the 2019 Smart China Expo, China Mobile and Chongqing Municipal People’s Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement to deepen the construction of 5G digital Chongqing. The experience hall is the first 5G + business experience project of Chongqing after the agreement.

To offer a more convenient and efficient traveling experience, Chongqing is vigorously promoting 5G network coverage in important core areas (such as airports, railway stations, etc.). The 5G signal has covered the T3 Terminal of the airport. Core areas can meet various 5G business requirements. The construction of 5G base stations in the airfield runway has been basically completed.

Source: Chongqing Daily
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