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"Moments with Chongqing" City Show Displays the Beauty of Chongqing to Europe


By Jieyu Wang, iChongqing News

Chongqing — On September 4, a seven-day “Experiencing Chongqing, 2019 City Promotion Tour of UK and Germany” has come to a successful end in Frankfurt, Germany. Through a unique perspective, the “Moments with Chongqing” city show dispalyed the beauty of Chongqing better and deeper to the people of Germany. As both a historical city, and a modern metropolis, Chongqing welcomes visitors from all over the world to experience life on the spicy side.

From the beginning of the promotional tour, Xue Zhu sent an invitation to the world to participate in the Western China Tourism Industry Expo 2020 and Smart China Expo 2020 in London. During the tour, the promotion of Nan’an district and Wulong district raised wide attention from London, Bournemouth, from the UK, and Dusseldorf, and . Frankfurt, of Germany. At the UK-China Food Festival, Chongqing Noodles, Hot Pot and baijiu were highly praised by locals.

Chongqing Hot Pot was highly praised by locals at the 5th UK-China Food Festival.

In London, discussion with Telegraph Media Group and the Daily Mail came to fruition. The two sides discussed cooperation conditions and penned a memorandum of understanding with each other based on the “Daily Mail Tourism Exhibition”. The delegation also paid a visit to Peak One International to discuss the related work on the “2020 Chongqing city image and cultural tourism promotion conference”.

In Bournemouth, the delegation visited mayor Susan Philips, and reached broad agreement on tourism and economic cooperation and agreed to promote further cooperation between their business. Besides, the Wulong district discussed with the organizers of the Bournemouth Air Festival and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the organizers of the Bournemouth Air Festival based on the flight sightseeing project of the Wulong district.

In Dusseldorf, the promotional tour was highly praised by Feng Haiyang, the Chinese consul general in Dusseldorf. He stated that this activity was very creative, with the city show as the carrier to achieve city promotion and urban business negotiations simultaneously. At the same time, Feng Haiyang introduced the related affair of Chongqing as the guest of honor in the “Dusseldorf China Festival”.

Xue Zhu, head of the delegation, introduced Chongqing’s culture and tourism to Feng Haiyang, Chinese consul general in Dusseldorf.

Next, Chongqing, Nan’an district and Wulong district will implement and follow up the achievements achieved in the “Experiencing Chongqing, 2019 City Promotion Tour of UK and Germany”, to put the project into practice.


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