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Come to N3 Hall for Palace Museum Cosmetics at Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo



The 8th Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo (CICIE) will be held from September 12 to 15 at Chongqing International Expo Center (CIEC). The exhibition area, consisting of five theme exhibition halls, covers 60,000 m2. N3 Hall of Culture and Traditional Crafts of China is one of them. Visitors can buy Palace Museum creative culture products and make-up, and understand techniques of Shu Embroidery and silk painting there.

Shaolintang- Chinese medicine traditional crafts

Visit N3 Hall

What exhibits will Palace Museum, the newcomer of CICIE, bring to us?

The 180-square-meter Palace Museum Pavilion is grand. More than creative products, people can buy Mao Geping × Palace Museum make-up collection, which external packing reflects traditional Chinese aesthetics.

N3 Hall also exhibits Shanshen lacquer, Chongqing-style kernel carvings, painted sculptures, Rongchang pottery, and embroidery.

Traditional jewel

Shu Embroidery and silk painting

Embroideresses will come to N3 Hall to show their techniques and cultural history of Shu Embroidery. Chongqing Yifei Shu Embroidery Development Co., Ltd. is going to display over 80 pieces of works in 30 varieties, including double-sided embroideries embedded with new techniques and concepts, Chinese-style screens and paintings.

Leisure time in the exhibition

Visitors can learn the traditional culture and healthcare knowledge at N3 Hall during CICIE. In Zen & Tea Cultural Experience and Performance Zone, tea specialists will perform tea art, teach knowledge about tea and tea set every day.

Visitors can also learn flower arranging from experts to lighten their daily life. Additionally, Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners are going to share healthcare knowledge during CICIE.


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