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Acupuncture & Creative Collections at Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo


By Rui Hu, Editor

The 8th Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo (CICIE) will be held from September 12 to 15 at Chongqing International Expo Center. Five pavilions covering an area of 60,000m2 will be open for the exhibition. The visitors include approximately 2,500 merchants in over 200 sectors from over 20 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China as well as from nearly 30 friendly countries.

According to the organizing committee of the expo, Hall N4 will be set as the transaction hall for featured cultural industries. It is divided into several zones, including an overseas Chinese cultural & creative products exhibition zone, a Fujian-Taiwan cultural & creative products exhibition zone, and an automobile culture exhibition zone. Some traditional Chinese medical therapies will also be showcased there.

Mr. Liu Guangrui, during the descendant of the Acupuncture & Liu’s Thorn Ironing Therapy

Century-old Shao Lin Tang

Mr. Liu Guangrui, the descendant of the Acupuncture & Liu’s Thorn Ironing Therapy and a traditional Chinese medicine hospital Shao Lin Tang, will introduce this century-old hospital to the visitors.

Renowned TCM doctors will provide diagnosis services at the expo, and visitors will be offered opportunities to experience the national-level intangible cultural heritage (ICH) Acupuncture & Liu’s Thorn Ironing Therapy for free. TCM derivative products such as acupoint dolls, health-preserving scarves, TCM masks, and TCM coffee will be displayed on site.

What’s more, Liu will bring the horizontal inscribed boards he has collected from Sichuan and Chongqing for years and introduce via projection the family traditions in both places.

Ravishing Cultural and Creative Collections from Fujian and Taiwan

Another highlight of this expo is the cultural and creative exhibitors from Taiwan and Fujian. Chan Enterprise Co., Ltd. from Xinbei City, Taiwan will display its artistic jewelry and merchandises designed based on the diversified culture and multi-level life aesthetics from the Tang Dynasty.

At the Fujian-Taiwan cultural and creative products exhibition zone, Mr. Wu Shufa, the preserver of the traditional lacquer art Penglaitu, will showcase his work Huatai Lacquerware which used to target the Japan market primarily.

Linglongyao Glass Craft Co., Ltd. founded by glass handcraft master Lin Yaonong will bring its treasured glass handcrafts that have been accumulated for decades. Apart from these, there will be a dazzling array of other scintillating Taiwan characteristic lacquerware and cultural & creative products such as teapots, bamboo plates, bamboo plaited pots, bamboo hat-shaped pots, pottery, wall-decorating patchworks, and pearl embroidery.

30 exhibitors in the Overseas Chinese Exhibition Zone

More than 50 varieties of products including Nepal featured Thangka art, coffee from Panama and wine from Spain will be shared with the visitors in the Overseas Chinese Exhibition Zone.

This zone unveils itself for the first time with an area of over 1,500m2 and more than 30 overseas Chinese-funded enterprises from 12 countries such as the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Japan, and Thailand. The exhibits come from various sectors, including education, medicine, sports, tourism, We-Media, jewelry, clothing, food, beverage, automobile, cultural & creative, and handcrafts.

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