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Integrated Innovation Cultural Industry will Unveil at Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo


By Rui Hu, Editor

The 8th Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo (CICIE) will be held from September 12 to 15 at Chongqing International Expo Center. According to the CICIE organizing committee, Hall N6 of the center will be set as the exhibition hall of integrated innovation cultural arts to offer the Shanghai International Cultural Device Expo (CDEX), the 1st Silk Road International Preschool Education Cultural Industry Expo, the Chinese Ebony Expo, the Parent-child Carnival, and the Ebony Sculpture Contest.

hand-crafted Hulu will unveil on CICIE

24 cutting-edge cultural device companies gather in Chongqing

The CDEX highlights cool techs such as VR/AR system, intelligent robot, immersive dome screen theatre, and 4G live streaming kit.

The exhibitors are 24 cultural device companies including Shenzhen Quantum Cloud Technology Co., Ltd., the technological support provider of films such as The Wandering Earth and Monster Hunt 2; Beijing Mapabc Co., Ltd., a developer of VR / AR systems; Fulldome.pro-Co., Ltd., the provider of the immersive dome screen theatre; Aimi Technology Co., Ltd., the developer of the 4G live streaming kit.

This CDEX will be a journey of fresh technological experience for citizens.

The CDEX highlights cool techs such as VR/AR system

Sevenms to discuss the development of preschool education

One summit forum and six round-table conferences themed on preschool education will be convened at the expo. The visitors include some 300 preschool education specialists and kindergarten principals. Exhibitors from the UK, Japan, and some other countries will be present. Chongqing-based enterprises will also display their most advanced preschool education projects. Visitors will see technological achievements such as the intelligent robotic kindergarten curriculum and learn the latest combination of technology and preschool education.

Hall N6 will offer cutting-edge education philosophy and development trend as well as an edutainment experience. Several activities, including heritage-listed ceramics and tie-dyeing, parent-child carnival and parent-child sports meet will be held for children here.

Thousands of ebony works 

Dark gold-rimmed Nanmu is of high collection value owing to its millennium-old formation process under the low-lying bed of silt. This 1st Chinese Ebony Expo is held by Wumu Online to disseminate the ebony culture to more people. Thousands of ebony collections will be displayed at the expo. Numbers of first-class ebony industry specialists and folk sculpture artists will be present.

This expo represents the highest level of the ebony industry. It has collected plenty of outstanding as the root carving work Along the River During the Qingming Festival by Tan Minghua, a sculpture artist from Jiangjin District, Chongqing.

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