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World-Famous Longquan Sword Shows at 8th Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo


By Jieyu Wang, Editor

At the 8th Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo (CICIE) held from September 12 to 15, the legendary Longquan sword will show it’s creative and artistic majesty to the audience.

This Sword of State originated from the Longquan sword

Although people might be unfamiliar with Longquan swords, many have heard of the Sword of State, which was bestowed upon officials by emperors. The shape of the latter originated from the former.

The Longquan sword, also known as Longyuan sword, was born in the Spring and Autumn Period, more than 2,600 years ago. It was highly-praised as a sword of integrity in ancient times. It was said Ou Yezi and Gan Jiang, legendary swordmasters, were its makers.

The Longquan sword will appear at the 8th Chongqing International Cultural Industry Expo.

The Longquan swords to be exhibited at the 8th CICIE come from Shen Guanglong Sword Workshop, which was founded in 1885.

Shen Xinpei, 4th generation of the Shen family, was accredited as the only inheritor of smithing techniques of the Longquan sword, a part of our national intangible cultural heritage.

Top-notch masters of arts and crafts will bring their works to CICIE

More than Longquan swords, people can enjoy new works from masters of arts and crafts at the Arts and Crafts Pavilion of the 8th CICIE.

It is worth noting that the Pavilion will hold the Craftsman Cup National Arts and Crafts Innovative Design Competition and sell and exhibit related products.

Exhibitors include Shanshen Lacquer, Wanzhou Sanxiaxiu Handicrafts, Wuxi Ningxiu Embroidery, Chongqing Arts and Crafts School, Chongqing Light Industry School and Chongqing Business School. Exhibits incorporate Rongchang pottery. Miao embroidery from Pengshui County, ox horn carvings from Dianjiang County, buried wood carvings from Fengjie County and lacquer paintings.

People can enjoy and buy selected products made by masters of arts and crafts from Shenzhen, Dalian, Yunnan, Guizhou, Shandong, and other places.


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