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Vlog : Grandma's Moon Cake Shop


Chongqing –  Moon cake is a must-eat dessert during the Mid-Autumn Festival in China, which symbolizes the full moon in the sky and reunion. We visited a special moon cake shop in Dazu District, which is run by an 85-year-old grandma.

Hand-made moon cakes from the 85-year-old grandma’s workshop.

The small moon cake shop only opens one month a year, and there is always a long queue of purchasers waiting. The grandma led us to into her moon cake workshop, where we observed how the authentic moon cakes were made. There is a tradition in the grandma’s family, each year, the family members, no matter how far away they are, will gather together for over one month to help the grandma make the moon cakes. She also invited us to taste her handmade moon cakes. We have to say; they are the most delicious moon cakes we have ever had.



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