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Honeywell's William Yu Sees Lots of Opportunities in Chongqing

By MIKKEL LARSEN|Sep 27,2019

By Mikkel Larsen, iChonging News

iChongqing – William Yu, President of Honeywell China and consultant at the Chongqing Mayors International Economic advisory council, took interviews with local media representatives to discuss Honeywell China’s involvement in Chongqing’s future logistics developments.

Honeywell's William Yu gave interviews at the CMIA about Chongqing's future development.

When asked about how Honeywell can help Chongqing further develop towards its goal of becoming an even bigger International Logistics Hub, William Yu outlined a series of projects and ways that Honeywell can support Chongqing's development. "I'd say that there are at least two or three opportunities where we could provide advice or work with the local government in Chongqing. One of the main projects would be about internet, smart connectivity. We are always looking for safety, quality, delivery, making money, and increasing profit." The road ahead lies in looking at cloud computing and make the thousands and thousands of companies in Chongqing become smarter and focus more on innovation.
Many technologies and buildings in the city are already somehow connected. However, new technologies will allow us to better connect residents with services across the city. Honeywell is equipped to provide the technology and solutions to be able to make this happen as well as use their channels to promote Chongqing to foreign investors.
On the topic of Chongqing's rapid development towards smart technologies and smart industries in past years, Mr. Yu said: "Huge changes! The first time I came to Chongqing city [many] years ago, at that time, Chongqing was just a construction site, in the early morning, you heard the construction. … Twenty years ago, I came to Chongqing and saw buildings. Ten years ago, I saw lots of high-rises. Today I see a modern city. It's very green, very modern, and they just need to be smarter and more connected."
I see lots of opportunities here for the next five to ten years.
Honeywell is already involved in many infrastructure projects around Chongqing, such as data visualization and data management, in places such as Chongqing's Jiangbei International Airport.
After the interview, William Yu expressed his well-wishes and congratulations on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.


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