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BP proposes Hydrogen Energy as a Green Logistics Solution for Chongqing

By MIKKEL LARSEN|Sep 28,2019

By Mikkel Larsen, iChongqing News

Chongqing – During the 14th Annual Chongqing Mayors International Economic Advisory Council from September 27th-28th in Chongqing, British Petroleum (BP) Vice President Nigel Dunn took questions from the media on the role that BP can play in the future for Chongqing’s development as an international logistics hub.

BP Vice President Nigel Dunn at the 14th CMIA in Chongqing

“As Chongqing is promoting to the multimodal transport system, we brought the proposal on “Hydrogen Energy as a Green Logistics Solution for ‘the Middle Mile’ Problem.”

The critical message of BP’s proposal is that the ‘Middle Mile’ problem is key to building a green transport system. Chongqing has several potential advantages when it comes to hydrogen energy utilization and could be a pilot city for this kind of project. BP also expressed their support and willingness to work with the local government and local communities to explore new energy supplies and the enormous potential of hydrogen energy.

As the world demands more and more energy, Chongqing is no different, and the demand for electricity is continually on the rise, but with more power comes the concern for emissions which is prevalent all over the globe. BP’s strategy is designed to meet this specific ‘dual challenge’ as they call it. They are finding ways to produce more energy and fuel, with fewer emissions.

When asked about how BP is equipped to help Chongqing overcome these fuel and energy changes, the company looked to their achievements is working towards low carbon activities, through their Reduce, Improve, Create (RIC) framework. “About 18 months ago, in April (of) 2018, we set out a simple framework to help capture and coordinate all the low carbon activity happening across the business.”

They went on to say that Hydrogen Energy has a huge potential in terms of Chongqing’s future development. “The city is rich in natural gas, chemical, and hydropower resources. It has strong local automotive sector and a potentially important market of hydrogen-powered vehicles. Liquefied hydrogen can be shipped via ports to power other cities along the Yangtze River. Hydrogen, as the by-product of our acetyls production in Chongqing, has (a) cost advantage with lower carbon emissions, and is efficient and green. As a traditional chemical enterprise, BP will make a continued contribution to AA production, as well as exploring new cooperation opportunities, including utilization of hydrogen energy.

Finally, BP offered their well-wishes for the anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China

“BP witnessed and is part of China’s energy industry development. Congratulations to the 70th anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. We are very proud of our 46 years of partnership and cooperation with China since the year 1973, and are committed to continuing to be a trusted and valuable energy partner in the country for a low carbon, green and sustainable future.“


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