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iChongqing Fans Alert! #Chongqingfriends Activity is Coming Soon


By Rui Hu, iChongqing News

Chongqing- To further enhance Chongqing’s image of “A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal” and “A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision”, and record relevant stories of foreigners in Chongqing, the themed activity “Foreigners @Chongqing” will be launched by Chongqing International Media Center in September to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

Experience Chongqing culture online and offline

Activity information and preferential policies will be released both online and offline. Through online platforms such as the website www.ichongqing.info, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat Moments, and Douyin (TikTok), worldwide foreigners can participate in the online activity to win souvenirs after expressing their yearnings and expectations for Chongqing.

Four short documentaries with the intellectual property will be launched on the website of iChongqing, the contents of which include Chongqing’s intangible cultural heritage, food, intelligent manufacturing, and abundant tourism resources. There will be a theme web page on the official website of iChongqing for exhibiting excellent photographic works in this activity. Besides, some outstanding actions will be displayed on the outdoor digital LED screens in Chongqing’s core business districts.

The short video program under the theme of Learn Chongqing Dialect will also be launched on the platform of iChongqing. It will invite foreigners proficient in Chongqing dialect to teach the audience authentic local dialect so that they can further experience the local culture.

The offline opening ceremony of this activity will kick off on the deck of the Yangtze Gold Cruises on the Chaotianmen wharf in October when the city will issue an invitation to the whole world and declare the grand opening of this activity.

Also, offline activities include the “Foreigners @Chongqing” media integration exhibition jointly held by Chongqing International Media Center and Chongqing Time City Creative Show. The exhibition activity mainly comprises photos and videos, lecture rooms for external publicity of the city, and items of foreigners related to Chongqing. To be presented in such forms as sound, electricity, and light, the exhibition will offer the audience immersive experience of the changes of Chongqing in the past 70 years.

How to participate?

Enter the web page of “Foreigners @Chongqing” and upload videos to the sections of mobile phone works, professional works or short video works, join in the discussion under the theme of “#ChongqingFriends” on the Facebook or Twitter, or upload videos following the topic of “Foreigners @Chongqing” to Douyin (TikTok).

Excellent works will be exhibited on those platforms, and well-chosen works will finally be displayed on the outdoor digital LED screens in the core business districts of Chongqing.

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