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Chongqing's Intangible Cultural Heritage Stages at China's National Day Gala

By JIEYU WANG|Oct 02,2019

By Jieyu Wang, Editor.

At 20:00 on October 1, a grand evening gala was held in Tian’anmen Square, Beijing to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China. The celebration consists of four functional performance zones: theme performance, central performance, mass performance, and fireworks show area. Each performance zone is independent and distinctive from each other. Two intangible cultural heritage items from Chongqing staged at the evening gala: Dazu Carp Lantern Dance and Tongliang Dragon Dance.

Tongliang Dragon Dance appeared in Tian'anmen Square. Photo by Wang Song.

Tongliang Dragon Dance was presented as part of the Chapter II Laughter in the Nature of the gala show. Red flags were the main props of Tongliang Dragon Dance. During the show, nine 60-meter long dragons wearing red flags were dancing smoothly and vividly to symbolize the unfolding of a new chapter of the Chinese dream.

Tongliang Dragon Dance, as one of the first batch of national-level intangible cultural heritage projects, has participated in the 35th, 50th, 60th and the 70th National Day of China. Since the reform and opening up, it has witnessed the remarkable growth of the motherland from a developing country to economic power.

Dazu Carp Lantern Dance was presented in the central performance zone. The Dance lasted for 8 minutes from the performance of Flowers Facing the Sun (the third song performed in Chapter II) to the last two songs Sunshine Road and Fulfill Chinese Dream Together, and ended with a red flag show.

Dazu Carp Lantern Dance is rehearsing.

Dazu Carp Lantern Dance presents a scene where two persons play a carp. It shows the traditional folk culture of the Dazu District. Chongqing. Carp lantern is a mascot standing for prosperity every year. A Carp Leaping over the Dragon’s Gate represents a successful career in China. With these distinct national, folk, and regional features, the show has been well-received among Chinese people. Dazu Carp Lantern Dance originates from a story saying that five children with one in red and four in green clothes danced to celebrate the success of King Yu in taming the flood. Today, Wangu Carp Lantern Dance has become a municipal-level intangible cultural heritage of Chongqing and is applying for the national-level intangible cultural heritage.


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