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Chongqing- On the morning of October 25, the China Chongqing Hot Pot Food Festival began for hot pot lovers. The large foodie event collects more than 50 hot pot brands and over 400 companies in the supply chain, covering 50,000 square meters. Experts, brains, scholars, and hot-pot practitioners had participated in this event.

Many people might know that Chongqing is the Capital of Hot Pot, covering all the city with hot pot restaurants or relevant industries. In this city, finding a hot pot restaurant is even easier than finding an ATM. According to the Chongqing Hot Pot Association, there are about 26,991 hot pot restaurants and 560,000 people work in this field. Therefore, this kind of food is becoming the symbol of this city and even becoming more and more important to Chinese food gradually. As the tradition of Chongqing, to pass the hot-pot spirit to the next generation is crucial, to learning and broadcasting the precious food from the ancestors.

The ceremony to celebrate the event and to remember the food left by hot pot ancestors

Moreover, there are several tents, collecting many different restaurants and brands inside to offer the place to citizens and visitors to taste delicious hot pot. According to the event organizer, the place can contain 10,000 to eat hot pot there at the same time. Citizens and visitors can find almost every kind of hot pot here, including fish hot pot, beef hot pot, chuan chuan hot pot, and more. Chuan chuan hot pot integrates chuan chuan (food skewered on sticks) and hot pot, which has the spicy broth and skewered food together. Besides, there are many different kinds of snacks, which the local people usually eat when they have hot pot, such as fried pork, tangyuan, ci ba (glutinous rice), and more.


The foodie carnival attracted lots of people


In addition to tasty food here, the foodie carnival also has some interesting and creative products. For example, there are drinks and bread of hot-pot flavor. They even have toothpaste, which is a hot-pot flavor!


The snack – fried pork

To promote the brand of the Capital of Hot Pot, the foodie carnival this year combines the festival itself with tourism. The event opened A Spicy Day during the carnival, which provides visitors a one-day trip to this carnival to taste spicy hot pot or xiao mian (Chongqing noodles). Many tourists from the domestic and overseas signed up online for A Spicy Day to explore the real local lifestyle.


The supplier of chilies

The foodie carnival opened on October 25, and it will last until October 28. For the next days, there will be a show of cooking hot pot broth and some forums, discussing the development and supply chain of the hot pot industry.

Address: 368 Beibin Road, Jiangbei District

Contact: +86-23-61914091

Transportation: take bus NO. 816/401/127/615 to Jinyuan Lukou Station

Duration: October 25 to 28


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