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Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot Builds a Super Cliff Swing

By JIEYU WANG|Oct 29,2019

Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot has completed the main work of the world’s most massive cliff swing, which is expected to open before or after New Year’s Day. The swing range can reach a shocking 91.5m, a breathtaking challenge for tourists.

The super swing built in Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot has the highest altitude, the highest speed, and the most extended range of fluctuation.

The swing is in the childhood memories of many people. This recreational project has been designed to be thrilling in many countries. The world-renowned high-altitude Nevis Swing in Queenstown in New Zealand and the cliff swing above the Colorado River in the US are called “the most exciting swings worldwide” by many adventurers.

The new super swing built in Yunyang Longgang Scenic Spot has the highest altitude, the most top speed, and the most extended range of oscillation. It is built on the edge of the nearly 700m cliff of the over 1,100m Houzi Yakou (Monkey Puerto) in the scenic spot, and its central part is composed of a 100m arch tower and a 108m launch tower. With the highest speed of 130km per hour, the largest swing radian of 90°, the most extended swing range of 91.5m, and the longest distance from the cliff of 70m, it can reach 88m high at its zenith.

“To ensure the security of tourists, we used the structural steel of the world’s highest safety performance and applied advanced technologies such as seamless welding. It’s also anti-thunder and anti-electric and can withstand a magnitude ten earthquakes and level 14 typhoons," said Li Pengfei, General Manager of Yunyang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. He introduced that tourists who want to experience the cliff swing must put on the EU-certified protective clothing, including a customized safety belt.

Source: Cqnews


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